Good morning parents:

Please read and follow the menu that was emailed to you on 5/10/20.  Our weekly meeting will be as previously scheduled.  Thanks for all that you do!   


Good afternoon:

We have precisely nine weeks remaining this school year, and if you have not joined Google Classroom on my class page, I have included the instructions. Remember, all assignments are revisiting past learning objectives. My office hours are below. I hope you are enjoying your break!

1:30 PM to 3:00 PM.

1st 1:30 PM  -1:50 PM

2nd 1:55 PM - 2:15 PM

3rd  2:20 PM- 2:50 PM

4th 2:55 PM - 3:15 PM


Mrs. G. 

We have exactly


Dear Students:
I hope this notification finds you in the best of spirits due to the turn of events that are currently taking place worldwide.  May I first say that I have enjoyed everyday teaching you about US History and engaging you in conversations about how our nation was formed.  With each day we live, we are creating and experiencing HISTORY!  Years from this very moment, we will look back and think about how this historical event has reshaped the way we live, think, and operate.  I fondly remember my days being in middle school, and quite frankly, I have never experienced an event that could compare to what we are all facing.  I hope you take the time to journal and think about what future history students will read about this moment.  Just think about all the primary documents that are created!  Maybe one day, your journal, text, or Flip-grid, or even an e-mail, will be one that students use to gain a better understanding of their present state.  In this time of uncertainty, may we reflect upon the words of George Washington, which states, “May we observe good faith and justice toward all nations along with  cultivating peace and harmony with all.”  As I close, stay strong, stay healthy, and, most importantly, stay optimistic.  Our nation has seen darker times, and we will prevail.  


Mrs. Gonsalves





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