Welcome to Distance Learning Social Studies!  

In the future, we will be reviewing covered objectives by week and going over those objectives on Thursdays via Zoom.   I will send out weekly emails with that week's objective, optional assignment, and Zoom information so be on the look out for emails.

Office Hours:  I will be holding Zoom conferences every Thursday for each class.  Block 1 - 10:00, Block 2 - 11:00, Block 5 - 1:30 and Block 6 - 2:30.  Invites to these meetings will be sent out the day before. In addition, feel free to reach out to me via email any time.  

Take Care and keep washing your hands!
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Debbie Wilner


Dear Team Extreme,

I hope you all had a wonderful Spring Break and you and your family are all doing well.  I miss your smiling faces!  

You will be getting an email from Mr. Phythian  with a weekly schedule.  On it you will see, scheduled Social Studies time is on Thurdays.  So my plan  is to post the optional assignments on Monday with a follow-up Zoom on Thursdays to go over the assignment.   We will be starting out with a review on Primary and Secondary Sources, Objective 1a.  

I will communicate the assignment and Zoom times three ways:

1) My web page (see Distance Learning tab on the left of this page)
2) Google Classroom (Canvas after May 1)  Codes for Google classrooms are at the bottom of this page.  
3) email

You will see most assignments will have options.  To turn in the assignment, either email them or use Google docs, or in some cases, Flipgrid, Spark etc.

In addition, improvements for Quarter 3 grades is due until April 24.  Please email me if you have any questions on Quarter 3 work. 

Many people have expressed an interest on learning more about World War II on your own.  I have posted links to World War II information in the Distance Learning Folder under the subtitle "World War II."

Please email me if you have any questions and I look forward to seeing you in our next Zoom.

In the meantime, take care and keep washing your hands!

Mrs. W.



Standards Information: (see "Distance Learning" link for further breakdown of topic and related resources)

Already covered this year:
  -   1a     Primary and Secondary Sourcing
  -   3a,b,c  Reconstruction
  -   2a,4a  Westward Expansion
  -   2b,4b,c,d,e Industrialization/Immigration
  -   5a,b,c, Spanish American War and World War I
  -   6a,b,c,d  Roaring 20's/Great Depression

Not covered and may be explored on your own.
  -  7a,b,c        World War II
  -  8a,b,c,d,e   Cold War
  -  9a              Civil Rights Movement
  -  9b,c,d,e      Globalization

"Zoom" Teleconferencing:  
Can be accessed on a computer Zoom.us or downloading the app.

Google Classroom:  
Please follow directions below to join your specific classroom:

  • Log in with your PWCS username, followed by @bullrunmiddleschool.org.  Your temporary password will be your 6-digit student ID number followed by brms.  Please be sure to change your password to your normal password once you're logged in so it's easier to remember.

Sample student username:  smithgs26@bullrunmiddleschool.org

Sample student password:  123456brms

  • Join your class using the correct class code below.

BLOCK 1 - hjhpf4u

BLOCK 2 - phnmuou

BLOCK 5 - tb2oui7

BLOCK 6 - pips5xj

*Online Textbook information-click "Textbook" below

The learning targets for unit are:

Objective 6a
--How was social and economic life in the early 20th century different from that in the late 19th century?
--What factors increased factor and labor productivity?

Objective 6b
--What was Prohibition, and how effective was it?
--Why did African Americans migrate to northern cities?
--What were the economic changes during the early 20th century?

Objective 6c
--Who were the leaders in art, literature, and music during the 20's and 30's?
--What were the contributions of these leaders?
--How did the Harlem Renaissance influence American life?

Objective 6d
--What were the causes of the Great Depression?
--How were the lives of Americans affected by the Great Depression?
--What were the major features of the New Deal?

I have uploaded the learning targets and parent letter into the unit files for your information and will continually update the files as we go. 

Team Extreme Retake Policy

Effective immediately, in order to keep policies consistent within our team, all teachers on Team Extreme will be using the same Retake Policy.  

The Retake Policy will be:

1)  Have zero (0) missing formative assignments
2) Complete the retake within five (5) days of receiving the grade/feedback from the original assessment, 
3) Attach a class retake form with parent signature


 In order for summative assignments to be to be turned in late, it must nowhave a Late Assignment Notice attached to it to explain why it was not turned in on time.

I am more than willing to accept late work; I would just like an explanation as to why the work is late.  The form can be found in the "Files and Documents" folder.


Immigration/Industrialization Unit

We are off and running with our Immigration and Industrialization Unit!  We have plotted our ancestry on a map, and are in the midst of discovering just why people wanted to come to America in the early 1900's.  The learning targets for the unit are as follows: 


The Unit Plan and files will be in the Immigration/ Industrialization folder.  

The Pacing guide and syllabus can be found in the General Information files. 



Supplies Needed for Class:
--3-ring binder & divider sheets (8 tabs)
--Lined paper
--Colored pencils/crayons
--Small pencil sharpener

--Glue stick/stapler or tape 
--Earbuds (optional)

Please keep your supplies replenished throughout the year!

Contact Information

To Contact Me:
wilnerdv@pwcs.edu (best way)

Communications from Me: 
School Messenger Notification system to send emails and texts as well as HUB emails.

Upcoming Events/Due dates/assignments posted class page.


How to set up calendar alerts:

If your child is in my class, and you would like to receive email alerts for items posted to my calendar, you may view step-by-step directions here:

  • https//tinyurl.com/yb7vugwg

How to sign up for Remind homework alerts
Please sign up to receive text message notifications about homework. Text @wilne to 81010.

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