June 1 Update:

April 14 was our official start to online learning. Remember that each week will be dedicated to reviewing a unit we covered earlier this year in science. This week will be a review of Classification. The weekly agenda with suggested activities is posted to Classroom and can be found on this page under the folder titled "Virtual Learning Weekly Agendas."

This is our last week of unit review! For those of you who have taken on the challenge and completed the activities during these weeks, thank you!! You are going to be very prepared for eighth grade and the cumulative SOL. 

Meetings this week:
Wednesday 6/3 at 12:00 - Zoom review games/office hours


Google Classroom Instructions


Login Information
Students will log in with their PWCS username, followed by @bullrunmiddleschool.org. If they have NOT logged in yet, their temporary password will be their 6-digit student ID number, followed by brms.    

Sample student username:  smithgs26@bullrunmiddleschool.org
Sample student password:  123456brms

If you have issues logging in please send me an email at spenceeb@pwcs.edu.

Google Classroom Codes
Block 1: ahe2ldt
Block 2: xbaj2q2
Block 5: z5ufb76
Block 6: jvmmzus


Here is an abbreviated list of the Life Science standards our class covered this year so far. A more detailed breakdown of topics and dates can be found on my Files and Documents page.

Standards of Learning Covered This Year:
LS.1: The student will demonstrate an understanding of scientific reasoning, logic, and the nature of science by planning and conducting investigations.
LS.2: The student will investigate and understand that all living things are composed of cells.
LS.3: The student will investigate and understand that living things show patterns of cellular organization. 
LS.4 (current unit): The student will investigate and understand how organisms can be classified.
LS.5: The student will investigate and understand the basic physical and chemical processes of photosynthesis and its importance to plant and animal life. 
LS.12: The student will investigate and understand that organisms reproduce and transmit genetic information to new generations.
LS.13: The student will investigate and understand that populations of organisms change over time.