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Marcia Bailey

Online classes Tuesday 10-11:30
Office hours Wednesday 12-1:30

June 8 thru June 12

During our last week of distant learning please check out some or all these links below.  I hope everyone has a safe and happy summer.  I hope to see you when we return to school.
Best wishes and stay safe,
Mrs. Bailey

Virtual Field trips:

Slime in Space

Live cam at the zoo several links on this page

Seattle Aquarium virtual tour

Nature Labs several to choose from or do each one!

Smithsonian virtual tours


June 1 - June 5

  1. Read Taxonomy found at
  2. Watch Dichotomous Keys: Identification Achievement Unlocked at
  3. Complete the Alien Dichotomous key then check your answers with the provided key in files and documents section
  4. Review the pages in the pdf Kingdom Plantae in files and documents section
  5. Read Animal Classification pdf in files and documents section
  6. Review invertebrates at


May 26 - May 29

  1. Read - Charles Darwin: history's most famous biologist
  2. Watch Natural Selection Explained Simply
  3. Read the attached Evolution Facts Sheet see files and documents section of this page
  4. Complete the Natural Selection Coloring activity then check it against the provided Key see files and documents section of this page


May 18 - May 22

  1. Watch History of Genetics found at
  2. Log into Brain pop and complete the assignment on Genetics
  3. Watch The discovery of the DNA structure
  4. Watch DNA replication
  5. Watch How to draw a Punnett square at
  6. Complete the Punnett square practice sheet and check your answers in the files and documents section of this page


May 11 - May 18

1. Watch the video 
2. Complete the Meiosis/Mitosis web quest and check your answers with the provided answer key.
3. Review Mitosis vs Meiosis T Chart


May 4 - May 8

  1. Read Photosynthesis and take the quiz found at:
  2. Read Photosynthesis vs. Cellular respiration at:
  3. Take the photosynthesis quiz at:
  4. Read Passive Transport - Taking the Easy Road at:
  5. Read Active Transport at:
  6. Watch Cell Transport at:


April 27- May 1

1. Read the web page “Organization of Living Things,” to the bottom of the page found at   Then watch the amoeba sisters 
2. Watch: Cell Theory and spontaneous generation found at
3. Read the “Needs of living things” found at be sure to read all the needs by pressing the next button after each reading.
4. Watch: What Are The Levels Of Organization In The Body - Organization Of The Human Body  found at
5. Read Cellular Respiration at 
6. Complete Charact Vocabulary and review, there is an answer key included in the documents and files section of this page

April 20 - 24

1. Read and complete the “What are living things review” and check your answer with the provided answer key
2. Read the “Cells structure and function READING”
3. Review the “Cell Flashcards” 
4. Complete the “Cell organelles review” and check your answers with the provided answer key
5. Complete the internet activities below:     or google BIOMAN
On the left side of the screen click on the link “CELLS”
Explore all the links under cells:
Cell Explorer: The Animal Cell
Cell Explorer Cell Defense: The Plasma Membrane
Cell defense 
Cell Craft
Optional: check out all the links under “Scientific Method” on the home page.
Organelles of the Cell
Scroll down to the letter “O Cells,” hover over each numbered topic and complete the review.

Check the the files and documents section to access the materials needed for numbers 1-4 listed above
Hello everyone,
Tomorrow, April 14 will be our first formal week of online learning.  Each week we will be reviewing topics that have already been covered in class.  Please log into your google classroom and use the code I sent via email about 2 weeks ago.
I will resend the code via email tomorrow.
If you have difficulty getting into google classroom you can access the same information and activities in the Files and Documents section of this web page under the folder: 4-14 thru 4-17 sci method.  You may complete the activities and reading any time this week.  There is no firm due date.

The activities and reviews will not be graded but it is strongly recommended that you do your best to complete them. 

Many have asked about the current events due on March 20.  Due to the situation this will not count as a grade but please keep reading and thinking about science!  

Stay well and safe.
Mrs. Bailey

Student needs to bring the following items with them to class everyday

  • A thick spiral notebook—The five subject if possible
  • Sharpened#2 pencils
  • Sharpened colored pencils
  • Clear or frosted tape or glue stick
  • Textbook, which will be handed out the first week of school