Mike Bonfadini


Welcome to 7th grade Life Science! Our curriculum is focused on the basics of Biology. Bio- means "life" and -logy means "study of", so therefore we will be studying life.   Our units of study include:

·         Scientific Method (infused into all units)
·         Cells & Life Processes
·         Photosynthesis/Cellular Transport
·         DNA
·         Heredity/Genetics
·         Classification
·         Energy Flow
·         Biomes
·         Ecology/Human Impact

Detailed descriptions for each of the above units can be found by clicking on Useful Links to the left of this page.  Then select the folder titled "Curriculum."  Student friendly descriptions for each unit can be found by selecting Files and Documents to the left on this page then selecting the "Unit Plans" folder. 
Please bring your sprial notebook ,textbook,  paper, and a pen/pencil with you to class every day! 

Donations of tissues for the class are always welcomed.

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