Mrs. Crandall

Virtual Learning Week 9 (06/08 - 06/12)

Good morning ladies and gentlemen!

For our last week of distance learning, I have posted a short (10-question) survey on Google Classroom that reflects on the 1:1 computer access that was new for 8th grade this year and the transition to distance learning that we have worked through over the last 9 long weeks. I would appreciate any and all feedback that you can provide!

I have formal office hours on Wednesdays from 12:00 - 1:30 but will be checking my e-mail ( periodically throughout the week between 8:00 - 3:00 to best support you and posting updates/information as I hear back from students!

While this is not how I envisioned we would be ending our time together, I have enjoyed every minute of being your teacher this year. I am so incredibly proud of all of your work throughout this year and I know you will go on to continue to do great things in High School. Keep up the amazing work next year!!

Missing you all!

Mrs. Crandall


Update 4/3/20 - Reassessing & Resubmitting Assignments 

Good afternoon,

As you may or may not be aware, Dr. Walts recently provided further guidelines about making up work for students which state " order to maximize the flexibility for students to raise their grades, we will extend the third quarter until April 24, 2020, and students may continue to redo assignments or retake assessments assigned prior to March 13, 2020."

I will not be assigning or assessing work next week (4/6 - 4/10) as this is Spring Break and I expect everyone to rest, relax, and stay healthy.

However, I know some of you will want to begin working now to help improve your grade. I have gone back through the gradebook and identified assignments that are eligible for re-submission/reassessment and outlined them below. 
You may work on any of the following items to help improve your grade for Science until April 17th:

  1. Portfolio 3 - Chemistry & Chemical Reactions: If you are unhappy with the grade you received for the Portfolio during our Chemistry unit, you may re-do this assignment and re-submit it to be graded. The instructions can be found on Google Classroom under the "Chemistry" unit. You will have until April 17th to complete this task, please e-mail me once you have resubmitted this assignment so I know to go in and grade it! 
  2. Simple Machines Quick Check - If you have not completed the simple machines quick check for the Force and Motion Unit (which was completed at school on March 13th), you may log in to Socrative and do so. I will be checking this weekly and updating new grades. 
  3. Study for Force and Motion Test - After spring break, I will be opening the Force and Motion Test as an optional assessment for any student that would like to improve their quick checks in the gradebook. 
    1. Unfortunately, due to PWCS regulations, I cannot add the test score into the gradebook as this would constitute a "new" grade.
    2. However, thankfully due to our grade replacement policy, I can use this as a chance to reassess your understanding of objectives and replace prior quick check scores! (This can help improve your overall grade in class, provided that your quick check scores were originally low.)

Missing you all, stay healthy and let me know if you have any questions or concerns! 

Mrs. Crandall


Update 3/31/20 - IXL for Science
Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen! 

I just wanted to update you on an additional resource (aside from those listed below) to help review previous material that we have covered this year! 

IXL is now available for your science teachers to use! I have opened up any strands we had covered and invite you to check it out and see how well you are retaining/remembering things we have covered earlier in the year! 

As far as I can tell, your logins are the same as they would be for math/language arts so head to

I have also linked a video to Ms. Leon's webpage (click here) with instructions about how to log-in for the first time if this is new to you! 

Stay safe and healthy! 

Mrs. Crandall

Update 3/25/20 - A Letter to Students
Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen!

By now you should all be aware of Governor Northam's decision to close schools through the end of the year. This news was a shock for your teachers, including myself, who desperately wanted to finish the school year with you all.

I'm sure you have questions about what this will mean for finishing our content and what is to be expected. Please know I am doing my best to get clarification from the county on what I can/should provide for you and will be posting information as available.

Currently, there are some links posted below which provide the objectives we have already learned, links to the Youtube playlists of our notes videos, and links to the quizlets for each unit. Feel free to review this material as you would like.

I am trying to gather information on how/if I can provide instruction on our last two units and will let you all know what is available when I can.

Please know that you are all in my thoughts and I hope you are staying safe, happy, and healthy during this difficult time. I wish I could have shared the rest of the year with you and the projects, labs, and activities that we had planned for after SOL's. It breaks my heart that we won't have that time but I am still here for you. Feel free to e-mail me with questions or just to say hello ( as I am checking my e-mail periodically through the day Monday-Friday and will get back to all of you.

I will update again when I have more information for you.

Missing you all.

Mrs. Crandall

Virtual Learning Information

Per PWCS instructions, I will not be assigning new work for you to complete at this time. Instead, please review our previous units using the information linked below and make sure you contact me ( with any questions or concerns! 

Units 5 Waves & Unit 7 Electricity and Magnetism have not been taught yet. These objectives, notes, and quizlets have been posted if you would like to familiarize yourself with upcoming material. As I get clarification, I will be posting material on our Google Classroom page to go through this information for any students who are interested/able. 

Unit 0 - Scientific Process 
Learning Objectives: Unit 0 - Scientific Process Objectives.pdf
Youtube Notes Videos: Playlist - Unit 0 Scientific Process
Quizlet Link:

Unit 1 - Matter
Learning Objectives: Unit 1 - Matter Objectives .pdf
Youtube Notes VideosPlaylist - Unit 1 Matter
Quizlet Link:

Unit 2 - Atoms and the Periodic Table
Learning Objectives: Unit 2 - Atoms and the Periodic Table Objectives.pdf
Youtube Notes VideosPlaylist - Unit 2 Atoms and the Periodic Table
Quizlet Link:

Unit 3  - Chemistry 
Learning Objectives: Unit 3 - Chemistry Objectives.pdf
Youtube Notes VideosPlaylist - Unit 3 Chemistry
Quizlet Link:

Unit 3B - Nuclear Energy
Learning Objectives: Unit 3B - Nuclear Energy Objectives.pdf
Youtube Notes VideosPlaylist - Unit 3B Nuclear Energy
Quizlet Link:

Unit 4 - Energy
Learning Objectives: Unit 4 - Energy Objectives.pdf
Youtube Notes VideosPlaylist - Unit 4 Energy
Quizlet Link:

Unit 6 - Force and Motion
Learning Objectives: Unit 6 - Force and Motion Objectives.pdf
Youtube Notes VideosPlaylist - Unit 6 Force and Motion
Quizlet Link:

Unit 5 - Waves (Have not completed yet!)

Learning Objectives: Unit 5 - Waves Objectives.pdf
Youtube Notes VideosPlaylist - Unit 5 Waves
Quizlet Link:

Unit 7 - Electricity and Magnetism (Have not completed yet!) 

Learning ObjectivesUnit 7 - Electricity and Magnetism Objectives.pdf
Youtube Notes VideosPlaylist - Unit 7 Electricity and Magnetism
Quizlet Link

Quizlet Links 

Unit 0 - Scientific Process:
Unit 1 - Matter:
Unit 2 - Atoms and the Periodic Table:
Unit 3 - Chemistry: Unit 3B - Nuclear Energy:
Unit 4 - Energy
Unit 5 - Waves
Unit 6 - Force and Motion
Unit 7 - Electricity and Magnetis:

Class Update: 

Due Dates:
Class Update:

Due Dates:
03/11 - Newton's 3rd Law - Work and Power Quick Check
03/13 - Simple Machines Quick Check
03/17 - Force and Motion Test, Study Guides Due, Notebook Check

This week students wrapped up Newton's Laws of Motions and have practiced identifying simple machines. Students will spend the end of the week identifying simple machines and wrapping up some practice activities before their unit test on Tuesday next week.

Students should be working on their study guide, studying areas of weakness, rewatching the notes videos, studying with the quizlet, or reading from their textbooks to help prepare for their upcoming test.

PS.10 Students will investigate and understand the scientific principles of work, force, and motion.

Students that need additional practice/study material can utilize the quizlet links above, rewatch any of our YouTube videos (Einsteins Eagles), or use the textbook which was sent home on September 9th. 


Notes / Youtube Channel


  • Go to -->
  • Search --> Einstein's Eagles

Einstein's Eagles YouTube Page

Welcome Note


Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the 2019-2020 school year!

This year we will explore the two areas of physical science, physics and chemistry. This is an exciting topic because it explains HOW THE WORLD WORKS! By understanding chemistry we understand how everything in the world is put together and by exploring physics we can understand how everything moves once it is put together.

I look forward to exploring these ideas with you throughout this year!


About This Class:


1.       Class Structure: this year we are “flipping the classroom” for science, which means students are watching short videos at home that cover the notes I would normally give in class. Students then come to class with the notes and complete practice work during class time which allows them to receive assistance from myself or their peers.
2.       Homework: instead of traditional homework/practice which we will work on class, students will have to watch online videos for their notes and complete them before class. If students do not have access to a computer they are encouraged to see me before school, during advisory, or to go to the library during lunch to watch the videos.
3.    Quick Checks & Retakes: In class we will complete a brief 5 question “Quick Check” for every new learning target that we work on. These will happen usually between 1-3 times a week. This is a way for me to assess student understanding and for students to gauge how well they are mastering the material. Through this method, each students’ grades should truly reflect their mastery of the content instead of their ability to turn in excessive amounts of homework.
Students cannot retake their quick checks, see the next question below for further clarification, but are welcome to complete retakes on any Unit Test or Portfolio Project. Students who wish to complete a retake must have the retake contract signed by a parent/guardian and turned back in to Mrs. Crandall no later than one week past the assessment date. Most assessments will also have additional practice pages that the student will need to complete. 
4.    Quick Check Retakes: This year, in an effort to lessen paperwork both for me and for the students, the 8th grade science department has decided to not do re-takes for the quick check assignments.  Our Unit test is broken down into sections that match the graded practices so that if your student does better on the matching section of the unit test (showing that he/she has continued to work on and master the material), then I will replace the low grades on the graded practice with the score from that section of the test.  We also decided on this policy as a team to keep from having to test or quiz our students over and over again, while still giving them an opportunity to improve their scores by showing they have learned the information.
5.    EDD Project/Science Fair: All students should be bringing home a project contract before September 28th which will commit students to either an EDD Project (which is a short experiment that students will complete at home) or the science fair. Students should settle on a topic of study for the EDD project or science fair and turn it in with your signature by the end of September/Early October.