Week of May 26 through May 29th

Please go to each folder to find the work for the week.  SFS has a scavenger hunt in Costa Rica and Nicaragua, Language Arts has Pg. 23 Punctuation Review, and SOAR has a career project.

Please pay attention to emails from the principal with regards to dates and times for drop off.


Week of May 18th through May 22nd

Please the folders for the work of the week.  If there are any questions, feel free to email and we can schedule a Zoom meeting.

Mrs. Longo


Week of May 11 - 15

This is Week 5!!!  This week we are going to have a little more fun that usual.  In the SOAR, Language Arts, and Spanish for Fluent Speakers' folders, you will find a scavenger hunt.  


Week of May 4th through May 8

Parents and students:
      Work for each class has been loaded into the Spanish for Fluent Speakers, Language Arts, and SOAR to Success folders.  Please email me if there are questions.



Dear parents and students:
      Work for this week has already been posted in the individual folders: SOAR to Success, Spanish for Fluent Speakers, and Language Arts.


Dear parents and students: 
     Although I am posting the week's work on Sundays, I will still have available the time to speak to the students or to parents.  
    * Monday:     10:00 - 11:30 SOAR to Success 
                          12:00 - 1:30  Office time for Language Arts and SOAR
    *Wednesday: 8:30 - 10:00 Language Arts class
                          10:00 - 11:30 Spanish for Fluent Speakers
                           1:30 - 3:00 Office time for Spanish for Fluent Speakers