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Thank you for a great year, Team Discovery!

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Here is a link to all of the content objectives for this year:
USI Learning Targets 2019-2020.docx


Click on each link to explore on your own:
Mount Vernon
Learn more about George Washington
Learn more about Thomas Jefferson
Beyond the Battlefield: Museum of the American Revolution


Versailles in FiguresI’m including this video of the French Palace of Versailles to give you an idea of the immense wealth that European monarchs had in the 1600 & 1700s. Remember, this desire for additional wealth and power fueled the Age of Exploration and the colonization of the New World and eventually led to the American Revolution.

 USI.7 Review Activities:

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Northwest Ordinance Review

The Constitutional Convention: A Tour of Signers Hall at the National Constitution Center
USI.7a Articles of Confederation Practice Assessment


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The 6th grade Gettysburg field trip has been canceled.
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Check out our Adobe Spark Explorer Travel Blogs

Period 1

The Fantastic Francisco Coronado
The Fantastic John Cabot
Samuel de Champlain: One of the Greatest Explorers There Is!
Coronado Adventures
The Adventures of Francisco Coronado
John Cabot
Conqueror Coronado
John Cabot
The Samuel de Champlain

Period 2

The Outstanding John Cabot
The Great Powerful LaSalle
Champlain's Journey
Francisco Coronado, My Journey to the 7 Cities of Gold
Adventures of Robert LaSalle
The England Explorer John Cabot
Robert LaSalle
Francisco Coronado
Samuel de Champlain's Adventures
Adventures from the Underdog

Period 3

The Great Giovanni Caboto
Robert LaSalle, Fur Trader
John Cabot's Marvelous Journey
Samuel de Champlain, the Founder of Quebec
The Lost Explorer John Cabot
The Exciting Adventures of Samuel de Champlain
Robert LaSalle
Francisco Coronado
The Journey of John Cabot

Period 4

Samuel de Champlain
Robert LaSalle's Unpredictable Journey
John Cabot
John Cabot's Amazing Exploration
Samuel de Champlain the Explorer
The Voyage of John Cabot's Journey

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