Virtual Learning Resources

Below, you will find a list of virtual learning resources that you can use to continue your education in the area of Language Arts. For each resource, I have included a brief description, login information, a link to the resource, and (in some cases) a brief video tutorial. I may add to this list as time goes on, so continue to check in. 
CommonLit | Free Reading Passages and Literacy Resources

Description: CommonLit is a place where I can assign readings to my students. Each reading is accompanied by a series of comprehension and short answer question. I will assign two to three readings per week with the suggestion that the students read at least one.

Logging In: 
1. Go to 
2. Click "Login"
3. Click "Login with Google"
4. Use your Google account information (
5. Be sure to write down the given username and your password for future use.

(If you have trouble logging in this way, simply follow the directions in the tutorial below.)

Tutorial: CommonLit Tutorial.mp4

Google Classroom - Apps on Google Play
Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a space where I can post resources and materials for you to continue and expand your learning in Language Arts. I will be posting weekly agendas, assignments, and resources to our Google Classroom page. 
This will be the platform/place where you can find the weekly learning assignments for the remainder of the school year.

Logging In:
1. Visit
2. At the top right, click Sign-in.
     Use your email address.
     Your username and password should be the same as Office 365. The only        differece will be the

3. Click the Plus Sign at the top right to "Join Class"
4. Enter the class code listed below.

Class Code: h7r3rzp

Flipgrid - Home | Facebook
Description: Flipgrid is a space where I will be posting a weekly prompt for my students to respond to. I'm going to have all my students join on one grid together rather than break it down by class. I like this resource because I get to hear their voices and see their faces as they respond to the weekly prompts and I do miss seeing their faces! 


Login: You have some options for joining our Flipgrid.

Option 1: Use our class's Flipcode.

Class Code- toothman2454

Option 2: Scan the QR Code Below

I look forward to seeing you on Flipgrid!

IXL | Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, and Spanish
Description: IXL is a webpage that you can use to practice skills that match up directly with Virginia's 6th grade Language Arts standards. 


Login: Username is your Office 365 username followed by @bullrun
           (Example: toothmma26@bullrun)
          Password is your 6 digit student ID #

TutorialIXL Tutorial

BrainPop - Wikipedia
Description: BrainPop is a place you can go to watch videos and complete interactive activities on a variety of topics. For my class, you will be using the videos and resources in the subject of English, but there are a variety of topics available to learn about.


Login: Class Code- poem2759
           You will create a username and password when you first sign in.
           I suggest using your Office 365 username and password.

TutorialBrainPop Tutorial

Typing - Mrs. Velazquez's Website
Description: is a website that you can use to become a faster and more accurate typer. It has lessons to follow and games to play that all focus on making you better at typing!


Login: Click "Student Login"
           Click "Log in with Clever"

Use you Office 365 Username and Password Tutorial