Madame DeFusco
May 11-May 15

Week 5 Virtual Schoolhouse: May 13th
French: Go to French Class Pages Arrondissements Activity
IWL: Go to IWL Class Pages Francophone Webquest Activity

May 4-May 8

Week 4 Virtual Schoolhouse: May 6th
French: Go to French Class Pages Tic Tac Toe Activity
IWL: Go to IWL Class Pages Japan Webquest Activity

Week 3 Virtual Schoolhouse: April 27th
French: Go to French Class Pages Hopscotch Activity
IWL: Go to IWL Class Pages Hopscotch Activity

World Language Instructional Day: WEDNESDAYS 10:00-11:30

World Language Office Hours: Wednesdays 1:30-3:00

Please monitor your email, text messages, and this web site for updates and assignments.  Students have access to the French eBook. 

Spring 2020 Folder (in Files and Documents) is where I will place all current notifications to include Activities, Guidelines, PowerPoints, Resources, and much more.

Missing an assignment?????

French and IWL: Please check your dedicated Class Pages/Files and Documents/Spring 2020: for Activities, documents, Power Points MISSING WORK DOCUMENTS...  

Files and Documents: Spring 2020 (all documents needed are here)

Guidelines and expectations for virtual discussions can be found in the Spring 2020 Folder.

French & Intro to World Languages:

Virtual Classroom Schedule is Wednesdays, 10:00-11:30 am:
I will send out the week's lesson’s on Sunday or Monday so that students have time to work on the lesson at their pacing. Adjustments may need to be made as we work through this new system. 

Office Hours Wednesday 1:30- 3:00 pm. 

Adjustments may need to be made as we work through this new system. If you have an individual question, please email me directly.  I will answer as many emails as I can as quickly as I can throughout the week.  Thank you for your patience and understanding. 

HotSpots for Wifi

In case you are not aware, the Division is providing several hotspots in the parking lots of the following schools.  No passwords are needed.  Fitzgerald ES, Forest Park HS, John Jenkins ES, Parkside MS, and Mullin ES.

The closet for some of our students would be Mullin ES.  

April 15, 2020

Private Zoom Meeting for:
French 1 Periods 4 & 5  Today:10:15
IWL Periods 1,6 & 7 Today: 11:00
Please read your email.

April 13, 2020
I hope this note finds you all safe and well.
You will find updates each week in your respective Class Pages.
Please visit either French or Introduction to World Languages to see what's happening each week.

Have an awesome first week back!
Mme DeFusco

April 08, 2020
Greetings and I hope this email finds you well and safe. There are several students missing work. Please check in Student Vue for any work you wish to complete.

April 02, 2020

DeFusco: French 1: Family Unit & Missing Work

Greetings and I hope this email finds you well and safe. Students are asking about missing assignments. I will try to address as much as I can as well as attach documents if you were absent the last few days of school...As you read down the list, focus on what you have not completed that was previously assigned before we got out of school. Most of you are up to date on everything. Items 5-7 were merely practice activities that we did not get to in class. These are activities that we can talk about as a class once we get on a schedule issued to us by Mr. Phythian. If you are caught up and would like to attempt the practice activities to keep the language moving, awesome, however they are optional at this point. I am happy to give you feedback if you choose to submit them.

All of the documents attached were given out during the 3rd marking period with the exception of the Family Writing Practice listed below, under Item # 5, the 3rd attachment. If you have your binder then you should already have these document. I am attaching them for your convenience.

1) Index Cards: (2 different sets: Verbs and Family/Professions) Take a picture so I can clearly see them. 9 cards at a time seems to work.

Unit 3_ Index_cards_verbs_notes.docx 

Unit 3_Index_cards_family_notes.docx 

2) Speaking Benchmark:

Several of you did not complete the Speaking Benchmark. We can set up times to complete that through a Zoom meeting. I can invite those of you that have not completed the Benchmark to a practice session. Then we can do a Q & A. Then schedule for an appointment time. Let's not stress.

3) Family Tree Project: If you see that you do not have a grade, you need to submit your project. If you submitted it and there is no grade, please submit again as it may not have sent. I am attaching the rubric as well as a student example

Family Tree Project.pdf 

Ma Famille example.jpeg 

4) Faire worksheet and online EMC Passport WKBK Activities (found on back side of notes) Pgs 198-208 1A, 2A, 3B, 12A, 14B, 15B (Take a clear photo and upload to me)

Faire with Expressions.docx 

5) Optional Family Brainstorm & Web Cluster: This was the document given during the last week of school. If you were absent, here are the documents. This is a practice.

Unit_3_Family_Brainstorm_Word Web.docx This is part 1

Family Cluster Word Web.pdf  This is part 2

This would be the final piece to the writing extension. Taking part 1 and part 2 and creating your masterpiece showcasing your writing ability. 

Family Writing Practice.pdf ( this document is NEW. I was planning on giving it to you after we had filled in the Brainstorm and Cluster Activities)

6) Optional Family Practice Reading:This is a practice reading activity about Families. This was the document given during the last week of school. If you were absent, here are the documents

Family Reading Practice.pdf 

7) Optional Family Listening: This is a practice Listening Activity (authentic French). This was the document given during the last week of school. If you were absent, here are the documents.

Unit 3 Practice Listening Activities_web_link_Student.docx  

Please do not think you have to complete your missing work right now. Take time to organize yourself in a place where you are with little distraction. Take the time to see what you are missing in each class. Email your teachers to organize a plan. We don't want anyone to feel overwhelmed. Be sure to take breaks and relax.


If there is something you are still missing, let me know and I will send it your way.

Take care!

Mme DeFusco

March 26, 2020

Greetings to all,
I hope you are safe and healthy...
My Class Pages are updated. I will continue to to add fun activities to help with reviewing and practicing of previously taught material. Please check the Files & Documents on this site as well as your Office 365 email and Google Classroom where we can engage in Q & A's.
Stay safe and healthy!
Mme D


March 23, 2020

Greetings to all my students/families,

It is my hope that all of you are healthy, safe, and that you are making adjustments to the new schedule and way of life at home.  I hope that you and your families are doing well during this stressful time.   

Once we have been given information on how we need to move forward from Dr. Walts,I would like to encourage you all to check your Office 365 emails.

In the event we go virtual, I started a Google classroom for each period (French 1 Period 4, Period 5 and IWL Period 1, Period 6, Period 7) . Thank you for those who have already joined.Please be sure to join the correct class period. 

My plan is:

Once we are given instructions from our Superintendent, Dr. Walts... 

1. to get on a simple schedule

2. to review what we have learned already and practice using the worksheets & documents prior to school and practice through review documents created using video explanations.

3. to be able to communicate through Zoom, Google Classroom as well as Office 365 email.

4. to create files in "Files and Documents" to locate important information

A plus tard/ Vale!

Mme D

Bienvenue and welcome to the world of wonderful languages! 

I am excited to be teaching French and Introduction to World Languages this year, 2019-2020, here at BRMS.

Buckle up and enjoy the magic carpet ride into a world of wonderful and exciting experiences!


French & Intro to World Language Supplies needed EVERY DAY: 

(1) 3 ring binder 1 1/2" in size
(5) Index Dividers with Tabs that extend beyond the divider
loose leaf paper
1 green pen
several highlighters
  3 Pencils (keep extras at home to replenish) 
small scissors
1 glue stick (keep extras at home to replenish)

*In addition for French Students only: 3x5 index cards (1 pack for locker and 9 packs to keep at home)

Class Schedule: 


 DeFusco Class Schedule

 ADV  8:10-8:24








11:38-12:10 12:10-12:40 (lunch) 12:42-1:02





2 hour delay class schedule:

I will make most of my announcements through Messenger, blast email, and text so that parents  and students will receive the information immediately.

Any student that needs help must schedule an appointment with me prior to the requested day. Every Tuesday is slated for a help day however I am flexible and can stay most days.