Welcome to ESOL, English for native speakers of other languages! I look forward to learning together.

ESOL students study the same Virginia Standards of Learning required of all students. The English standards can be found 
here. Assignments in StudentVUE and ParentVUE are listed by the number of the standard.

Email Mrs. Stephenson: StepheCH@pwcs.edu


The best way to learn more English is to READ EVERY DAY.
To find free books to read on your computer or phone: BRMS eBooks, click

PWC Library eBooks, click here. (If you don’t have a PWC library card, see information here about creating a free account. Click "Translate" in the top right corner to see the page in another language.)

Reading in English will help more than anything else to get you ready for high school. But also read in your own language! Those who speak and read in more than one language can help build bridges of understanding in the world.