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    Each Friday we have what is called "Fun Friday".  On Fun Friday we learn by doing.  We start the day by working on social skills.  We play games together and practice interacting with each other in conversation, taking turns, and being a good winner or looser. After playing board/card games we will usually have a group math or language arts game, practicing skills that we usually practice with paper and pencil, as a game in a social situation.   Next, the class participates in a science experiment or an experience associated with what we were studying in social studies.  During the week we activate prior knowledge the student may have about a subject, learn new vocabulary and learn information we will need for the project at the end of the week.  Then on Friday we put down the paper and pencil and experience the things we have learned, hands on.   At snack time, we make some kind of a snack or meal item and then taste what we made.  We do not have access to a full kitchen but we do make things in the microwave.  My hope is for our students to gain some independence by being able to fix themselves something to eat.  We have a great time putting together a recipe and I challenge each student to try something new.  One bite won't hurt and you might find out that you like something you didn't know of before.  Once we even made cotton candy because it was in one of the books we were reading but don't worry, I try not to make sweets more then every other month.  I will tell you more of what we do on Fun Friday in a future post... 
    Posted by ashelr  On Sep 04, 2019 at 4:54 PM
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