Week of June 1:  Roaring 20s/Great Depression

This week's assignment is exactly where we ended the year with your PBL/Independent packets. We have a few options for you to review plus an option for you to make a timeline of your seventh grade year. 

Option 1:
 Watch the videos and create a Kahoot, summary, or something of your choice to share with the class or email just me.


Crash Course with Mr. Greene

Option 2: 
Watch the Music videos by Mr.Betts and create your own poem, rap or song about the objective. 

Option 3: 
Read and answer at least one question from each reading.The questions are at the end of the reading.
1. https://www.khanacademy.org/humanities/us-history/rise-to-world-power/1920s-america/a/jazz-and-the-lost-generation

2. https://www.khanacademy.org/humanities/us-history/rise-to-world-power/great-depression/a/the-great-depression

Option #4:  
Create a timeline of your memories from 7th grade. Start from the first day of school, memories from your classes, decorating your locker or your besties, snow days, sick days, getting braces, best day ever moment and all the way up to this present moment. Feel free to type it, draw it (email the picture), use a timeline app, whatever you feel most comfortable to share with the class or just email me.


Week of May 26:  World War I (Objective 5c)

This week we are reviewing World War I.  I have two escape rooms to help you review.  Escape Room No. 1 is the exact same format as the Industrialization Escape Room.

Escape Room No. 1

Escape Room No. 2 is a different format and has an additional .pdf of directions for you to follow:  To access:  

WWI Digital Escape Room 2 student directions.docx

WWI Digital Escape Room 2.pdf

Finally, I have attached two great videos of things we did not learn about in class:  1) the role of carrier pigeons in World War I and the story of CherAmi; and 2) the story of Henry Tandey, the British soldier who chose to not shoot Adolf Hitler during World War I.  


Week of May 18:  Spanish American War (Objective 5a)

Below are some review videos to refresh your memory about The Spanish American War, otherwise known as "The Spendid Little War". Your optional activity is to create a Kahoot or Gimkit based on the videos to share in our Zoom meeting.  

Week of May 11:  Industrialization (Objective 4d,e)

This week we are reviewing new inventions and technology, big business, and the negative effects of industrialization.

You have lots of options below for this week’s review!  At the bottom of the table is a link to a challenging Escape Room too!


Optional Assignments



Watch the videos and create an Adobe Spark page about what you learned

Videos on World War I Technology

Click to here watch Weird Weapons and Equipment (Simple History

Click here to watch Tech Developments of World War I (History.com)

Click here to watch First Air War (PBS)

Then, on your own, research transportation improvements during World War I




Weapons Web Quest https://classroom.google.com/u/0/h



  IXL: Industrialization in the Gilded Age




Robber Barons or Captains of Industry (Article)
Click on and read this article here

*Create a 1/2 page summary of the information provided in the article. (Roughly a one sentence summary per page)



The Robber Barons: Brinkley (8m 39s)
Click here to watch Alan Brinkley's discussion of the Robber Barons and answer the following questions

3a. Describe the following Industrialists in 2-3 sentences each.
---JP Morgan
---Andrew Carnegie
3b. Why were so many new immigrants coming to America?
3c. Describe the rise of unions and strikes in this time period in 2-4 sentences




Andrew Carnegie's Philanthropy (3m 57s)

"From the Carnegie Hall Archives" series, Rose Museum and Archives Director Gino Francesconi explains how Andrew Carnegie was set apart from his Gilded Age contemporaries by his different approach to wealth. Click here for video


Write a paragraph (minimum seven sentences) to answer the following questions:

5a. What was Andrew Carnegie's occupational background?
5b. What separates Carnegie from the other industrialists (according to Francesconi)?
5c. Why was donating libraries so important to Carnegie?


Child Labor

Click here and then scroll all the way to the bottom to view Lewis Hines’ pictures.

Then, write a paragraph about how your life would be different if you would have living during that time.

BONUS:  Escape Room.  Warning:  It is difficult! 

Week of May 4:  Immigration (Objective 4b)
  1. To refresh your memory of immigration during the mid/late-1800s through the early 1900s, check out these resources below.


  1. Your assignment this week is to complete a digital breakout!You can work by yourself, with your family, or contact one or two of your friends (FaceTime, Google Duo, etc.) to work on it together.


What You Need:

  • A device with internet access
  • Your school google account information
  • A piece of paper and a pencil for taking notes (see planning page below)


  • Click on this website or use the QR code to access the breakout page: https://sites.google.com/view/coming-to-america/home (make sure you are logged into your school Google account if it prompts you)
  • Read through the directions carefully
  • When you click on an activity and it prompts you to “make a copy,” then you should make a copy so the activity will pop up
  • Use the planning page below to help keep track of your answers (in case you get kicked out and have to start over)
  • Once you breakout, take a screenshot or picture of the “congratulations” page and email it to me… please let me know who you worked with on this assignment
  • Have fun!Take your time!

Click here for Coming to America Escape Room

ALso, check out these Virtual Tours:
Ellis Island Virtual Tour
Statue of Liberty Virtual Tour


Week of April 27
Objective 4 - Westward Expansion - Native Americans Optional Assignment
Web sites:

Native Americans for Kids

Chief Joseph

Sitting Bull



Chief Joseph

Sitting Bull

Virtual Museums:

National Museum of the American Indian

Smithsonian Native American Museum

Directions:  Using the resources above to help you, review and extend your knowledge of the Native Americans and then create a product that answers the questions below.  

  1. Describe the “leaders” of the Native American tribes in the late 1800's and early 1900's and with which tribes were they associated.
  2. Extended your knowledge on the Indian Wars.There are many battles where the Native Americans fought the United States government.We discussed the Battle of Wounded Knee and Battle of Little Bighorn.I would like you to answer the following:
    1. First, describe what happened at those battles. (who fought and who won)
    2. Then, research two more battles on your own and describe what happened (who, what, where when, why)
  3. Finally, connect to today:
    1. In which states does the Native American population live today?
    2. How is life for Native Americans today?
    3. How is Covid-19 affecting the Native American population on reservations?

Choose one (1) of the options below to create your product. 

Write a paragraph

Draw a visual/poster/ infographic (example: Spark)

Create dialog between two people

Write a newspaper article


Create a PowerPoint or other presentation
Create a video (example:  Spark)


Week of April 20 - Objective 3,a,b,c:  Reconstruction Optional

Good morning!  I hope everyone is doing well and staying happy and healthy!  Please try to complete one or more of the assignments below.  This week, you do not need to share anything back with me because I will see the results of what you completed on my end.  Please let me know if you have questions or need help.


  • Go to  https://www.brainpop.com/
  • Login with Clever using your Office365 username and password
  • Look for the assignment called “Reconstruction Assignment” in our social studies class
    • First, watch the movie to review your knowledge of the Reconstruction Era.
    • Then take the review quiz.
    • Lastly, choose one more activity to complete: the challenge, the graphic organizer, or the game.
  • You do not need to share anything with me because I will get the results on my end.



  • Go to www.IXL.com
  • Go to 7th grade social studies and work on PP. Reconstruction 1: Radical Reconstruction
  • You do not need to share anything with me because I will get the results on my end



Click on the links following the objectives to further explore the topic.

Week of April 14:  Objective 1a: Primary/Secondary Source Review


Primary and Secondary Source Video

Objective 1a:  Primary and Secondary Sources Assignment                            

Due Date:  Thursday, April 16 before the Zoom Meeting

After viewing the Video and reviewing on IXL you are well on your way to being a sourcing expert!  In this assignment, you will create a product which contains the following information: 

  1. The definition/difference between a primary and secondary source
  2. Five examples of a primary source, 3 examples of a secondary source and WHY they are primary or secondary sources
  3. Five examples of a primary source and three secondary sources that could inform people in the future about the COVID-19 Pandemic going on at this time.

Choose one (1) of the options below to create your product. 

Write a paragraph

Draw a visual/poster/ infographic (example: Spark)

Create dialog between two people

Write a newspaper article

Create a Power point

Create a video using Spark or flipgrid


Code: 815e4a7d



Note:  All assignments given are optional.


Objective 6a,b,c,d:  Boom and Bust (Roaring 20s/Great Depression)
Roaring Twenties:  

6a) Technology Changes American Life
6b) Social and Economic Changes
6c) Arts in the 1920s & 1930s

History.com Roaring Twenties

Instructional Video:

Ducker's Roaring 20's Review

The Great Depression:

6d) Causes/Impact of the Great Depression & New Deal

History.com - Great Depression

Instructional Video
Mr. Betts Stock Market Crash Parody
Mr. Betts Great Depression Parody
Mr. Bett's New Deal Parody

Duckster's Review

Objective 7a,b,c:  World War II
7a) Events Leading US into WWII
7b) Events & Turning Points of WWII
7c) WWII & the Homefront 

Objective 8a,b,c,d:  Cold War Foreign Policy Post WWII
8a) Rebuilding after WWII
8b) Conversion to Peacetime Economy 
8c) Role of US in the Cold War
8d) Changing Patterns in Society
8e) Impact of International Trade on United States

Objective 9:  Civil Rights
9a) Civil Rights Movement, ADA, and Changing Role of Women

Objective 9:  Globalization
9b) Impact of New Technologies
9c) Influential Americans
9d) American Foreign Policy, Immigration, Global Environment, and Other Issues

Standards of Learning Already Covered This Year:

3a,b,c - Reconstruction
2a,c,4a - Westward Expansion
2b,4b,c,d,e, - Industrialization/Immigration
5a,b,c - Spanish American War, Roosevelt Corollary, World War I

username: BullRunS
Password:  20155S

Dakota Pipeline Research Links


Review Games
  Check out these review games -- Thank you Mrs. Bonini for sharing!  They are divided by unit.

Code of Behavior 
     Code of Behavior Manual, Forms and Videos

     Pacing Guide and Curriculum guidelines

Election Information
    Explains the U.S. electoral process

    Use this to study vocabulary

Interactive Newspapers
     Covers all of the years we study

Interactive Timelines
    Covers all of the years we study

    Username:   bullrun        Password:  Eagles

Brain Pop Espanol

Username:  bullrun Password:  Eagles

    An interactive civics game (yes, civics can be fun :)  

Mission US:  An interactive Way to Learn American History
Check out:  "Up from the Dust"