Standards: you can look at the pacing guide to see the objectives we have completed (all of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd marking period -however didn't get to reflections in 7.7 transformations)-the only objectives we didn't get to are the two in marking period 4.

Work At Home: please go to google classroom to access material during the time frame where we are "distance learning." To start, I have review material on objectives that we have already covered for you to complete. Please note that, as needed, I will be adding new material for students to complete as time progresses and we are at home. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to email me and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Link to access Google Classroom

Log in information: students are to log in with their PWCS username, followed by
-temporary passwords will be your 6 digit student ID number, followed by brms (note: period 6: most of period 6 has already done this and changed your password, see below)
**First time you log in, change your password right away (make it the same as your office 365 password

Sample Student

Sample Password: 

Google Classroom Codes:
Period 1: fhjnmem
Period 2: vhp4og7
Period 5: 5k4rstu
Period 6: jeg3r3c


GradingStudents will be graded on a standards based grading system with 10 percent of Formative assessments and 90 percent Summative assessments. Students will have the opportunity to retake their Summative Quizzes if desired after showing proof of practice and preparation. Please see the retake form in the files and documents section.

The following tabs can be found to the left of this page:

Useful Links: will connect you to useful websites.

Files and Documents: here you will find scans of our learning target packets, important forms, additional practice. Files are organized by SOL objective per quarter.

Calendar: here I will post any upcoming quizzes, tests, projects. I use messenger to blast emails/texts as well.

Pacing Guide: includes a list of SOL objectives by quarter (which may be flexible).