Welcome to Ms. Racer’s Algebra 1 Class 

Email: racert@pwcs.edu 

About the Class: 

We are going to have a wonderful year together!  In Pre-Algebra we will focus on 9 units that will expand on your knowledge of mathematics.  In these units we will use problems solving skills, reasoning skills, communication, multiple representations, and make as many connections as possible (both between topics and to your lives).   


Classroom Expectations:   

  • Respect the teacher, the classroom and each other. 

  • Be on time and prepared 

  • Stay on task 

  • Take pride in your work 

  • Ask questions 



  • Pencils 

  • Paper (If you use a spiral notebook please also have a folder for any extra papers, most find a binder easier to use) 


When you come back to school it is your responsibility to pick up your missed work.  You will need to check with me for any assignments and to get your caught up when needed.  If you missed a quiz or a test while you were out, you have one week to make it up.   


Grading Policy: 

This year we are moving to standards based grading.  This means you will have two main sections in the gradebook—formative assessments and summative assessments.  These include: 


Formative –10%  Classwork, Homework 

Summative- 90%-  Quizzes, tests, benchmarks, projects 


Grade Codes 

Incomplete- INC 

Complete- C 

No Evidence – NE 

Absent- ABS 


Redo Policy and Missing Work: 

Each test will be broken up into sections based on the SOL standard.  You have the opportunity to retest on one or more of the standards for unit tests.  If you choose to retest you must fill out the 8th grade redo contract.  You will have one week from the time the test is handed back to do a redo.  


Extra Help: 

It is natural to find things challenging in math- that is how we know our brains are growing.  If you are having a hard time, PLEASE ASK FOR HELP!  As a community of learners, we are here to help each other understand the material.  If you want extra help outside of class, you can come in the mornings or schedule a time after school.  

  • Tuesday, Wednesday Morning:  7:30am until the bell 

  • Afternoons are by request, please talk to me so we can find a mutual time, do not assume I will be able to always stay.   


If you want extra help at a different please let me know, we can make arrangements.  I can be reached through email; however, I will not check my email after 8pm each night and then not again until after 7am the following morning.   



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