Preston Lazer

Preston Lazer

Distance Learning

All assignments can now be found on our Google classroom.  The links below show a preview of assignments.  I will update these links throughout the year as I post new content on Google classroom.  

Students have logged in and practiced using the classroom throughout the year.  If you have any questions about your login, or need help finding anything, please email me and I can help you with anything you need.

-Monday, June 8 Letter to Students and Parents

-Monday, June 1 Letter to Students and Parents

-Tuesday, May 26 Letter to Students and Parents

-Monday, May 18 Letter to Students and Parents

-Monday, May 11 Letter to Students and Parents

-Monday, May 4 Letter to Students and Parents

-Monday, April 27 Letter to Students and Parents

-Monday, April 20 Letter to Students and Parents

-Monday, April 13 Letter to Students and Parents

-Monday, March 30 Letter to Students and Parents

Office Hours: My virtual office hours are Monday afternoons from 12:00-1:30.  I can be reached via email throughout the week.  I will do my best to respond to emails in a timely fashion.  

Need Wifi?

HotSpots for Wifi
he Division is providing several hotspots in the parking lots of the following schools.  No passwords are needed.  Fitzgerald ES, Forest Park HS, John Jenkins ES, Parkside MS, and Mullin ES.


Unit Plans and Independent Review Opportunities: details for reviewing all the objectives and standards we have learned and assessed this year

Quarter 1 Unit Plan
Quarter 1 Reading Review Quizizz
Quarter 1 Writing Review Quizizz

Quarter 2 Unit Plan
Quarter 2 Reading Review Quizizz
Quarter 2 Writing Review Quizizz

Quarter 3 Unit Plan
Quarter 3 Reading Review Quizizz
Quarter 3 Writing Review Quizizz

IXL Activities 

(Traditional LA Students Already Have Accounts)

(Extended LA Students: We have received new accounts that will work during this time.  Your new username will begin like your Office 365 account and end end with @Bullrun . Your password will be your 6-digit lunch #.   For instance, 

User:  brownjk45@bullrun. (example)
PW: will be your 6 digit ID number.

Quarter 1 Reading: A.1, G.1, W.1, F.1
Quarter 1 Writing: K.1, Z.2, Z.3, Z.4, RR.4

Quarter 2 Reading: B.2, D.1, D.2, C.3, E.6, H.1, H.2
Quarter 2 Writing: NN.4, DD.2, HH.6, HH.7, HH.8, HH.9, GG.3

Quarter 3 Reading: C.1, D.1, D.4, E.5, E.7, 
Quarter 3 Writing: FF.1, FF.3, CC.1, CC.2, BB.3, BB.4

 Our calendars on this website provide an overview of major due dates and assessments that we have completed so far.


All students are encouraged to read for at least 30 minutes a day while we are away from school.  See the information here for how to access BRMS and PWCS eBooks.

Each day, read at least 30 minutes.  Click here for information about why it is so important to keep reading and spend quality time with text EVERY DAY. For information about how to access BRMS eBooks, click here.

For information about how to access PWC Library eBooks, click here.

If you don’t have a PWC library card, see information here about creating an account for a digital library card.

If you are interested in reading nonfiction articles, check out Newsela (use your google classroom login) or another major magazine or newspaper. -----------------------------------------------------------------------

Click here for Additional Resources for Language Arts Practice


General Announcements:

Are you wondering how much you should be reading at home?  Try this challenge: Keep track of how much screen time you are spending.  Then try to spend at least that much time reading each day.  

Are you planning to take pre-AP and AP English courses in high school?  Students who wish to be competitive in these courses, gain admission to selective colleges, and succeed in those schools will do well to begin reading more books and more sophisticated books to gain an edge.  This list reports the frequency with which certain titles have been referenced on the terminal AP Literature exam from the College Board, which is usually taken in 12th grade.  Please note: Most of these titles were written for an adult audience and some may contain mature content.  Consult reviews and work with a librarian and your parents to make appropriate choices. 


How to Set-up Calendar Alerts:
If your child is in my class, and you would like to receive email alerts for items posted to my calendar, you may view step-by-step directions here: 

Please note: You will receive a separate email alert for each calendar to which you choose to subscribe.