The mission of Bull Run Middle School’s Eagle Ambassador and MAC (Make a Change) Committee is to lead by example and serve as a role model to other students.   Eagle Ambassadors and Mac members strive for excellence in all school and social activities in partnership with our teachers and students.  They value diversity and endeavor to create a safe and confident environment at Bull Run Middle School.   As a community of one, we can achieve anything and everything we want.

Make A Change Committee (MAC)

The MAC Committee consists of eighth graders who want to make a positive impact on the school environment.Students participate in activities that encourage their peers to breakdown social boundaries and demonstrate tolerance, serve the community,and develop leadership skills. One of the main responsibilities of a MACstudent is to lead monthly Olweus classroom lessons with our sixth & seventh grade homeroom classes.  Please contact Mrs. Bullen for more information about this program.

"Be the change you wish to see in the world"

Mac Activities

Soar and Olweus Facilitators
Edge Team Building Program Field Trip
Mix it Up at Lunch Program
High School Panel Participation
Special Events Aides (concerts etc.)
Building tours