Kristen Horning

8th Grade Physical Science

Welcome to our Physical Science Class! Below you will find useful information about our class and remember you are always welcome to email me with any questions!

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Virtual Learning

Instructional Time: During your scheduled class period
Office Hours: Mondays 12:30-2:00

Materials Needed For Class:

Virtual Supplies:
Laptop (School provided for 8th grade)
Whiteboard w/Dry Erase Markers

Calculator (on your laptop is fine)
Color Pencils

In Person Additional Supplies:

1 1/2 inch Binder
1 pack of dividers
3 Glue Sticks
1 Scotch Tape Rolls
Color Pencils

Dry Erase Markers

Standards We Will Cover This Year:
PS.1 The student will demonstrate an understanding of scientific reasoning, logic, and the nature of science by planning and conducting investigations
PS.2 The student will investigate and understand the nature of matter. 
PS.3 The student will investigate and understand the modern and historical models of atomic structure.
PS.4 The student will investigate and understand the organization and use of the periodic table of elements to obtain information. 
PS.5 The student will investigate and understand changes in matter and the relationship of these changes to the Law of Conservation of Matter and Energy. 
PS. 6 The student will investigate and understand forms of energy and how energy is transferred and transformed.
PS. 7 The student will investigate and understand temperature scales, heat, and thermal energy transfer. 
PS. 10 The student will investigate and understand the scientific principles of work, force, and motion. 
 PS.9 The student will investigate and understand the characteristics of transverse waves. 
PS. 11 The student will investigate and understand basic principles of electricity and magnetism.

About Mrs. Horning:

Relocation brought my family of five to Northern Virginia when my husband concluded his military career and I was excited to be able continue teaching Middle School Science her in Virginia. The transient nature of military life afforded me a unique opportunity to teach in multiple states. This experience has been a tremendous asset giving me exposure to different science curriculums, state testing requirements, and teaching styles, which has in turn helped me become a better teacher. Additionally, I am certified for Middle Grade Science 6-8, ESOL, and Elementary K-6 in Virginia. I earned a Bachelor of Science in Animal and Poultry Science with a minor in Biology and I also hold a Master of Arts in Education  K-8. My experiences include 12 years of teaching Middle Grades Science and 1 year teaching Elementary School. I am passionate about teaching science in a relatable, technology driven, hands-on way to engage all types of learners. I am excited to have an opportunity to share that passion with the students at Bull Run Middle School.