June 1, 2020
  If you did not watch the video assigned last week, please watch it now.  It will show you how to access almost 30 pieces that we have in our music library.  Select a piece, practice it, and let me know which one you selected. https://screencast-o-matic.com/watch/cYhnFxBAr9

Orchestra Talent Show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Go to:      flipgrid.com/lydicktalentshow
Instructions are on the flipgrid.  Acts must be school appropriate and no longer than 3 minutes.  Please submit by June 4, 2020.

May 26, 2020
  Here is this week's assignment.  After completing it, e-mail me with the name of the piece you worked on, and what you liked (or didn't like) about it.

https://screencast-o-matic.com/watch/cYhnFxBAr9       Watch the video and follow the directions.  You are going to pick a piece/some pieces from JWPepper, find your part, and practice! The access code at JWPepper is      a8Kja4fxoKo= 


Important information!!! Please read!! This week (May 26, 27, & 28) school-owned items are to be returned to the school at designated time (Mr. Phythian emailed the details on Friday).

8th Graders need to return all school-owned instruments, shoulder rests, tuners, books, AND UNIFORMS!!  Please put your name on all returned items.

6th and 7th Graders continuing in Orchestra in the fall should hang on to their school-owned instrument. Rental paperwork will be sent home in the fall.   

If you are not taking Orchestra at Bull Run in the fall, you must return any school-owned instrument. 

                  Orchestra Talent Show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Go to:      flipgrid.com/lydicktalentshow
Instructions are on the flipgrid.  Acts must be school appropriate and no longer than 3 minutes.  Please submit by June 4, 2020.

May 18, 2020
  Hi Orchestra students!  It was fun seeing many of you as you came to pick up your instruments last week.  Now that almost everyone has their instrument, your lesson for this week involves playing it!
  Your assignment is simply to play a scale and record it on flipgrid.  You may choose whatever scale you like.  8th graders should play a two octave scale, and 6th and 7th graders may do a one or a two octave scale.  The scale is to be played arco (with the bow) and NOT pizz!  I want to see both hands.
  Flipgrid codes- 
                            8th   flipgrid.com/lydick8
      7th   flipgrid.com/lydick7
                            6th   flipgrid.com/lydick6

Zooms on Friday    8th  2:30
                                7th  2:00
                                6th  1:30


May 11, 2020
  Hi Bull Run Orchestra students! For this week's lesson I would like you first to watch the video (above).  In the video I tell you about three famous musicians- Yo Yo Ma, Itzhak Perlman, and Zuill Bailey.  Please select one of the three performances listed below, and then send me an email with a few observations.  For instance, what did you like (or not like) about the performance?  How did the music make you feel?  

#1.    Zuill Bailey-  this is the longest of the three choices (it is almost an hour long.)  It contains many beautiful pieces.  


#2.    Yo Yo Ma and Itzhak Perlman performing together. The name of the piece is Humoresque and is only a few minutes long.


#3.   Itzhak Perlman- Performing music from Schindler's List.


  Attention students that signed up for Solo/Ensemble, and any other interested students! Below is information about a Virtual Solo Festival offered by the Prince William String Academy.  

Prince William String Academy is proud to be hosting a virtual solo festival on May 16th for string and piano players in our community via Zoom. We have 9 judges on hand to listen to students perform and give them immediate positive feedback and tips to improve their playing even more. Students will also receive, via email, a written comments sheet with more detailed ideas for improvement.
     This festival is open to all levels and ages. The goal for this festival is to keep our students playing during these months of quarantine. They will receive positive and inspiring comments from our judges to fuel their interest in music and keep them practicing during these upcoming weeks (months) of uncertainty. 
     registration forms and fee payments ($10) can be made on our website  https://pwstringacademy.com/solo-festival. After registration, students will receive a time slot and link to join for their performance.

May 4, 2020   
   Hi, Orchestra Students!  Please watch the above video.  For this week's lesson you are to explore JWPepper.com and select music for a well-balanced concert.  The video explains in detail how to find music at your playing level, and also how to view and listen to pieces.
  You should select 5 pieces, making sure they are varied in style, composer, and keys.  At least one piece should be "Classical".
  You have played music by many composers.  Here are a few of them to help get you started, but you are not limited to these composers.
Richard Meyer, Brian Balmages, Soon Hee Newbold, Robert Frost, Susan Day, Merle Isaac.
  Some "Classical" composers (they are not all technically Classical, which was a specific time period in music, and some of these are from other time periods):
Bach, Beethoven, Handel, Haydn, Mozart, Vivaldi, Brahms
   When you have selected your five pieces, copy the composer's name, the name of the piece, and the difficulty level. E-mail this to me at lydickla@pwcs.edu.  If you want to be creative, make an actual concert program, complete with graphics!

 Zoom Meetings will be on 
Friday May 8.  6th Grade- 1:30, 7th Grade- 2:00, 8th Grade- 2:30.

May 1, 2020   Attention 8th Grade Orchestra students that are signed up for Orchestra at Battlefield High School-
  Results can be found by clicking "Battlefield High School Audition Results" on the left hand side of this web page.

April 27, 2020

 Hello Orchestra Students!  For this week's lesson we are going to build on last week's, in which you set up an account at Sightreading Factory and learned to navigate the site.  Please watch the video (above) and follow the instructions to practice, record, and submit a sightreading exercise. You may select whatever level you are comfortable with. If you don't have your instrument at home you can still do the assignment by clapping the rhythm.
  If you did not get your account set up last week go ahead and watch last week's video (below) and follow the tutorial.  Email me with any questions.

April 20, 2020

Hi Bull Run Orchestra students!  In your lesson this week you will learn how to navigate the website Sightreading Factory and use it to generate countless exercises to practice.  This is the same website that I use in class, so it will look familiar to most of you. 

Sightreading Factory has offered free subscriptions to students during our school outage. Please watch the tutorial I made, and follow these instructions to get started.

  • Go to www.sightreadingfactory.com/student.
  • Enter u4embq in the Student Code field.
  • Select the appropriate age group. (Under 12- no email is required. Choose a user name.  If you are over 12 it will ask for your email.  If you don’t want to give your email, click “Under 12.”)

Complete the registration information

April 16, 2020
  I have compiled our list of Songs That Make us Happy.  We got lots of contributions. Some songs were listed by multiple people so are listed more than once.  I've had fun listening to your selections! I have modified the list to be family friendly.  
  To view the list, go to the topics you see on the left side of this page.  Click on "Music That Makes us Happy" and it will take you to our playlist!

April 15, 2020
It has been wonderful catching up with many of you the last few days!  If you have not watched the two videos (see posting of April 13) please do so, and send me an e-mail.
  If you need music to practice please let me know and I will send you a link to some of the pieces that we have in our music library at school.

Music's assigned teaching time is on Tuesday mornings between 8:30 and 10:00.  I will have any assignments posted before that time.  If you have questions concerning an assignment, please email me.  Our official "Office Hours" are Friday afternoons between 1:30 and 3:00, but feel free to email at any time.  If you need one-on-one help with tuning your instrument, I can set up a Zoom and help you that way.  

April 13, 2020
Hi, Bull Run Orchestra students!
  Several of you have e-mailed me about needing help with tuning.  I made two videos, one reviewing tuning with fine tuners, and the other dealing with pegs.  
  Please send me an email if you need help.  I am happy to do a Zoom call and talk you through the tuning of your instrument.  
For your first "official" distance learning Orchestra lesson, I would like you to watch both videos, even if you don't have your instrument at home.  (This is my first attempt at videos- ignore the sound of my washing machine alert in one of the videos...)  After watching, e-mail me (lydickla@pwcs.edu) to let me know you watched, and include a note telling me how you are doing!
Tuning with Fine Tuners  

Tuning with Pegs

  Before break I asked you to send me music that is uplifting.  I have compiled the list and will post it here this week.  It is not too late to be included; just e-mail me with a song that inspires or brings you hope, and ask a family member what song makes them happy.  Include the title and the performer.

March 30, 2020
Hello Students!

Something really special about music is that is can bring you joy - especially in hard times. I thought it would be fun to create a Playlist of songs that are "uplifting" - songs that inspire happiness and hope!

1. First, check out one of my favorite uplifting songs below as an example: "It's Gonna Be Okay" by The Piano Guys. This one always makes me feel happy! The video is attached below.

2. Find one song that makes you feel happy. Post the song's title and artist. Listen to your song and reflect in a few sentences about why you think this song could bring others happiness and hope.

3. Interview an adult! (either someone in your house or on the phone) about one song that makes them happy! Ask them for the title, artist, and for them to describe why they find the song uplifting. Listen to their song and write about why it makes them happy and what you find uplifting about it too.

4. Email me both song titles, artists, and your short reflections. By the end of the week, I will create a YouTube playlist for the class with all of our uplifting songs so that we can all enjoy them!

Have fun!! 🎶
Mrs. Lydick              lydickla@pwcs.edu

Piano Guys Song:

 Dear Orchestra Students,

   I am missing you SO MUCH during our School closure! 

 Eighth Graders, I am sorry that you didn't get to participate in your District Assessment.  You have worked so hard on your music and were ready to put on a Superior performance.  I know you would have done a great job.  Thank you for all your effort in class and for all your at-home practice. I looked forward to your class every day and truly enjoyed teaching you these last three years.  

  Seventh Graders-  I look forward to seeing you in Eighth Grade Orchestra in the fall!  You are an outstanding group of students and it is fun making music with you!

  Sixth Graders-  I am sorry that the closure cancelled your Pyramid Concert.  You were well-prepared and I know the concert would have been outstanding.  You are doing great on your notereading, and your intonation has improved a lot since your Winter Concert.  

  To all- I will be listing some resources and links I think you will enjoy.  Please- e-mail me with any questions!
  NOTE**  Several of you left your instrument at school.  We do not have access to the building, so I can't help you retrieve it at this time.  Hopefully in a couple of weeks teachers will be allowed in, and at that time I will inform you about getting your instrument.
   For those with School-Owned instruments, I will let you know about turning them in as soon as I have received instructions concerning this.  In the meantime, keep practicing!

 Attention Eighth Grade Students attending Battlefield High School next year:
Placement auditions for the BHS Orchestras will be done through FlipGrid.  You will need to log in using your Prince William Co. e-mail.  The code for the audition is
scully4100. You may submit any time from today thru April 10.  If you have any questions, please send me an e-mail.




Leslie Lydick

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