May 25-29

Music And Art
Listening to music and drawing what you hear is a lot of fun.  Some even feel it is therapeutic and relaxing.  I have put a few links to music and examples below.  Try it.  Email me a picture that you drew with the song you were listening to when you drew it.

Singing- JW Pepper music website is allowing us to access songs we have purchased to make it available to our students:  So you can sing along with Chorus favorites I have purchased for the past 4 years.  I am starting with a few POP songs.

1:  go to
2.  at the top of the page- go to the Digital section- click on:share music
3.  Put in the code 7TFwfcPWiOs=
4.  A list of songs will come up-pick one and you can see the music
5.  If you want to sing along- you will have to go back to the main page and type in the song number on the list below:
Believer 1796830
Don't Stop Me Now 10907313
I Have A Dream 10083935
I'm Still Standing 10868763
Lost Boy 10669079
Sky Full of Stars 10489843
Try Everything 10606856
You Raise Me Up 10308741

7th and 8th Graders- You sang some of these songs at your previous concerts- I hope it brings back good memories.  I miss singing with all of you.  Everyone find a song that appeals to you-hopefully one of them speaks to you.  Listen, sing, hum, enjoy the music.  That is what music is about.  

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