Mr. Arnett

Virtual Technology Education 

Activity / Instruction:      Mondays     10:00 - 11:30

6th Grade Office Hours:  Tuesdays    1:30 - 2:00
7th Grade Office hours:  Tuesdays     2:00 - 2:30
8th Grade Office hours:  Tuesdays     2:30 - 3:00

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Be safe!

Technology Education Announcement

I hope everyone is staying healthy and safe during these trying times.  This is a tough time for everyone and I hope you are handling it as best as you can. I am very disappointed that we can not be in the production lab working on your projects.  Everyone's focus should be on your health, safety, and being with your families.


I have graded all notebooks that were turned in and grades have been updated.  If you are missing something or have an NHI (Not Handed In), please email Mr. Arnett ( or Mr. Oppenheimer ( so we can get it turned in and a proper grade assigned.

There are some rocket launches this weekend and next week that should be cool to watch.  Check out the Cool Space Stuff link to learn more about them:  Cool Space Stuff

STEM Summer Camp Registration Now Open! Summer camp has gone virtual this year.  Click here to learn more and register for some interesting summer camp opportunities:  Virtual Summer Camp Information 


Mr. Arnett and Mr. Oppenheimer listed what we have been doing in Tech Ed and some links to websites you can review these topics. 

Please use the following to keep track of your grades and student progress:

ParentVue Guide


StudentVue Guide


ParentVue and StudentVue Login 

Technology Education Assessment and Grading Practices  

Graded classwork will be divided into formative, summative, and informative assessments. 

Formative assessments allow teachers to monitor progress towards student learning targets. Some of the tools may be: exit slips, group work, lab work, writing reflection, graphic organizers.

Summative assessments evaluate student learning at the end of instructional period or unit. They are aligned to Tech. Ed. student learning targets.  These are graded and may be weighted.  Examples may be: quizzes, tests, final projects, and presentations.

Informative assessments evaluate student Effort and Conduct.  This grade is unweighted and does not count towards academic grades.  

We will reassess and retest as needed to help our students reach mastery of the student learning targets.  Times for retest can be during advisory, lunch or after school at the teacher’s discretion.

Technology Education is a 9 week course that is part of the Related Arts rotation (Technology Education, FACS, & Art). It is an exploratory program that teaches students to understand, use, and control technology. Students are given the opportunity to experience “hands on” activities that apply technological concepts, processes, and systems. 

The goal of Technology Education is to promote technological literacy.  Students will recognize the value of an Engineering Notebook (folder) to document and capture their ideas. Students are exposed to science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) principles through a variety of hands on activities.

The short experience in the production lab or woodworking lab is like a traditional vocational “shop” where the students explore woodworking, layout, measurement, design, and laboratory safety. The students will learn techniques that will last a lifetime as they learn to work with hand tools and machines.

Specific safety instructions and general safety rules will be provided to all students to ensure understanding and safe operation of tools and equipment. 

6th & 7th grade students will spend approximately 4 1/2 weeks with Mr. Arnett and then rotate to Mr. Oppenheimer in order to experience both teachers and different technologies.

 Students will need an Engineering Folder for this class.  They will need it by the end of the 1st week.  The preferred option is a folder with pockets and brads to hold 3-hole paper, as shown below.  It may be any color.  The plastic ones are sturdier and can be reused for future years but both paper or plastic are acceptable.

Los estudiantes necesitarán una carpeta de ingeniería para esta clase. Lo necesitarán para el final de la primera semana. La opción preferida es una carpeta con bolsillos y llaves para sostener papel de 3 agujeros, como se muestra a continuación. Puede ser de cualquier color. Los de plástico son más resistentes y pueden reutilizarse para años futuros, pero tanto el papel como el plástico son aceptables.

A Folder with brads and pockets


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