8th Grade Chorus Students
On your assigned locker clean-out day, PLEASE return your original copies of music! Men's choir you should have the original of Old Dan Tucker. Women's choir, you should have Shoshone and Ma Navu. There will be a bin labeled for chorus sheet music. I do not need photocopies back, please recycle them.

Vocal Pedagogy: Lesson 2

Essential Questions
How does breathing for singing differ from speaking?
What muscles are involved in breathing?
Watch the weekly videos under Useful Links and practice the breathing exercises. You should have great breath control when we finally have rehearsal again!!! :)

Vocal Pedagogy: Lesson 1
Vocal Anatomy 

Essential Questions
What is the definition of vocal pedagogy?
What are the anatomical parts of the human voice?
How does the voice function when speaking and singing?
What is the difference between chest voice, mix voice, and head voice?

Under Weekly Enrichment, please read the definition of vocal pedagogy. Please watch the videos under Useful Links. After watching, can you name the main body parts of the voice? Can you describe the difference between chest, mix, and head voice?