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Welcome to Technology Education! 


Please be safe, stay well, and follow the guidance of our health authorities.  I want to see all of you this fall!
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Technology Education Assessment and Grading Practices  

Graded classwork will be divided into formative and summative assessments. 

Formative assessments allow teachers to monitor progress towards student learning targets. Some of the tools may be: exit slips, group work, lab work, writing reflection, graphic organizers.

Summative assessments evaluate student learning at the end of instructional period or unit. They are aligned to Tech. Ed. student learning targets.  These are graded and may be weighted.  Examples may be: quizzes, tests, final projects, and presentations.

The gradebook will also have a grade for Effort and Conduct.  This grade is unweighted and does not count towards academic grades.

A grade of NE (No Evidence) means that an assignment or classwork is missing from the student's folder and could not be graded.  NE items can be turned in for full credit before the end of the quarter.  Any NE items that have not be submitted by the end of the quarter will changed to an NHI (Not Handed In) and receive no points.

We will reassess and retest as needed to help our students reach mastery of the student learning targets.  Times for retest can be during advisory, lunch or after school at the teacher’s discretion.