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Kisha Harris-Hawkins

Hello Everyone,

Happy Mothers Day to all the mom's

We will continue to have our ZOOM meeting on Tuesday @ 3:00 pm, I will send out meeting details on 5/18/2020

Lets try something different..... Try to spell as many words as you can using the first letter of your name! Foe example my first name starts with the letter K........ Kangaroo, Ketchup. Karate, Kale, Ketch, Kroger 

Reading-   https://www.storylineonline.net/

Choose a book to read with your parent, Be ready to share what you have read 

Math - Practice Identifying the DENOMINATOR IN A FRACTION. 

You tube on Fractions 

Write or type about your most favorite place you have traveled to. You may need your parents help to spell words, but try your best. Then color a picture of that favorite place....it may be a cruise you went on, a vacation, a visit to grandmas house or just to the Library.  

Take a look at these Maps and see if you can place the 50 States. 


 Science- Can you name some renewable and non renewable energies.? 
View this on Brain POP and YouTube, You Tube link is below  

Yearbooks can still be ordered online at 

See you soon!!

For the time being all meetings are temporarily on hold. We are waiting on guidance from the department of education on how to proceed and as soon as we have guidance we will be in contact with those that still have pending meetings for this school year to make arrangements. 



Check emails for passwords for MATH IXL


Check out  post,: https://flipgrid.com/s/872d78623100
the code is bullrunspirit.  

 Also please check your emails for VIRTUAL SPIRIT WEEK