Helpful links are: 

IXLfor testing/assessing understanding of specific learning targets/objectives

Science World: for access to the Scholastic Science World magazine which provides various current scientific articles that students can read made just for them! 

Science World Student Log-in Portal

Password: Soaring19

for viewing short informative videos related to science (and other) contents available for ESOL students as well! Each video has games/activities that can be played at the end to help check learning!

You can either use the school log-in & password: 
Log-in: bullrun
Password: eagles

Or check with your teacher to see if they have set-up an individual account & student password for easier access (and reduce the amount of times you'll get kicked out!)

Einsteins Eagles YouTube Notes: for any 8th grade student who would like to return to their objectives and review any of the notes taught earlier in the year! 

Einsteins Eagles Playlists/Channel

Quizlet: for practicing/assessing understanding of specific vocabulary from each unit taught throughout the year.

Topics have been made for any 8th grade students that would like to review vocabulary linked below, otherwise you can search for sets made by other users! 

8th Grade Vocabulary Sets - Mrs. Crandall's Science