All students are encouraged to read for at least 30 minutes a day while we are away from school.  See the information here for how to access BRMS and PWCS eBooks.

Each day, read at least 30 minutes.  Click here for information about why it is so important to keep reading and spend quality time with text EVERY DAY. For information about how to access BRMS eBooks, click here.

For information about how to access PWC Library eBooks, click here.

If you don’t have a PWC library card, see information here about creating an account for a digital library card.

If you are interested in reading nonfiction articles, check out Newsela (use your google classroom login) or another major magazine or newspaper.

All students are encouraged to complete some kind of daily writing: journal or reading response.  Below is a list of possible topics to write about:
Writing Ideas


In addition to resources provided by your student's language arts teachers, below is a list of technology resources students can use to review language arts material:

Click here to access online review and practice of all skills in all content areas.
All students now have a login.  Username: computer login @ bullrun (ex: smithjk25@bullrun)  Password: Student ID (ex: 123456)

Additional writing and grammar skills practice online.  If you do not have an account, click here for information about how to create one.

Scholastic Expert 21
All students have access to an online textbook for Language Arts.
To access the text, click here. Student login and password is their student ID number. When logged in, students can read copies of texts, find additional resources, and extend their learning. 

Junior Scholastic and other Scholastic Magazines
Click here to access Junior Scholastic magazine for some great reading material paired with educational materials.

Click here to access an excellent resource for nonfiction and current events.  Students can login using their google classroom logins, or through their clever pages.

Teachers can create and assign quiz games using this site, or students can search for topics in all content areas to play fun review quiz games.

Khan Academy
Click here to access web resources for language arts skills.

Programs Accessed through Clever (PWCS Login)
-Lexia Powerup
-Typing Club