Standards, Objectives, Unit Plans, and Review Opportunities

Below are details for reviewing all the objectives and standards we have learned and assessed this year.

Year at a Glance
this document shows all of the Grade 8 Virginia SOLs and which quarter they are taught.  Our unit plans below expand the curriculum to more specific skills and activities.

Quarter 1 Unit Plan
Quarter 1 Reading Review Quizizz
Quarter 1 Writing Review Quizizz

Quarter 2 Unit Plan
Quarter 2 Reading Review Quizizz
Quarter 2 Writing Review Quizizz

Quarter 3 Unit Plan
Quarter 3 Reading Review Quizizz
Quarter 3 Writing Review Quizizz

IXL Activities for Traditional Language Arts Students
Quarter 1 Reading: A.1, G.1, W.1, F.1
Quarter 1 Writing: K.1, Z.2, Z.3, Z.4, RR.4

Quarter 2 Reading: B.2, D.1, D.2, C.3, E.6, H.1, H.2
Quarter 2 Writing: NN.4, DD.2, HH.6, HH.7, HH.8, HH.9, GG.3

Quarter 3 Reading: C.1, D.1, D.4, E.5, E.7, 
Quarter 3 Writing: FF.1, FF.3, CC.1, CC.2, BB.3, BB.4

Don't forget to read every day! 
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