September 30, 2020

Dear Bull Run Middle School Community, 

Last week, you received a notification from our Superintendent, Dr. Walts regarding the return to learn plan for the second quarter.  Parents can update and finalize your plans for in-person instruction or virtual only instruction this week in ParentVue and the survey will remain open until October 4.  If you do not need to make changes, then no updates are needed.  I have received many emails from parents about how to make an informed decision without knowing the full details of how each model will impact your child.  At this time, I am working through the information that I have and developing a plan that will work for Bull Run Middle School.  

We will begin the hybrid model for the second quarter which will begin the week of November 10, which is the beginning of the second quarter.  Please reference a sample student schedule on the PWCS school website and a weekly schedule for middle schools: Return to Learn Middle School Sample Schedule(Quarter 2).  Mondays will be designated for asynchronous at-home learning for students using Canvas and teachers will continue to host office hours.  Students will continue to receive daily live instruction Tuesday-Friday for each class based on their daily assigned class either in the virtual only setting or hybrid in-person model.  In-person and virtual only teaching staff will be providing instruction live to in-person and virtual students simultaneously.  

As we move forward in the planning process, we will create a detailed schedule that allows for arrival, lunch, and dismissal times.  As we are planning, we are also adjusting the revisions that parents make in their return to learn surveys to balance classes.  I will try to keep student schedules and teacher assignments the same, however changes may occur during the second quarter to accommodate parent survey requests and when necessary, pair students with virtual only teaching staff.  

I know that each of you have very difficult decisions to make and this is hard to do without all the necessary information.  I will be meeting with the BRMS Advisory Council this Thursday, October 1 at 5:30 p.m. virtually and providing the council with updates on the return to learn plan for the second quarter.  I will continue to meet with them on a weekly basis during the month of October.  The meeting will be recorded and posted the BRMS website under the Advisory Council link, BRMS Advisory Council .  If there are questions that you would like to ask in advance, that I can address at the council meeting, please complete the following survey: Returning to School - Parent Questions Survey .

If you have questions about your survey, please contact the school at 703-753-9969 and one of our staff members will be able to assist you.  



Matthew Phythian,