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19-20 Application for Bull Run Dungeons and Dragons Club.pdf

Application for Bull Run Dungeons and Dragons Club

Due September 16, 2019

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Since D&D Club meets on Wednesdays, you MUST have a parent or guardian pick you up from BRMS at 4:30 each day, or be capable of walking home (and have the proper walking forms filled). In addition, in order to be picked up, the person picking you up must be listed on club emergency forms (attached), as well as the emergency contact cards that were sent home at the beginning of school. They can be changed in the front office of the school.


Late Pick -Up: (4:45 or later)

  • 1st offense: Student is given a verbal warning
  • 2nd offense: Student is given a written warning to be sent home
  • 3rd offense: Student is provided with a letter that prevents them from coming to club until alternative means of transportation have been secured along with a signed parent/guardian signature. 

**Parents/guardians: I understand the above requirements and will make sure that I am listed on the required documents so that I am authorized to pick up my child, or that they are properly signed up to walk home:

Parent/Guardian Signature: _________________________

Meeting Dates:

Sept:    18

Oct:      2, 16, 30

Nov:     13

Dec:     4, 18

Jan:     15, 29

Feb:     5, 19

Mar:     4, 18

Apr:     1, 15, 29

May:    13

 To play Dungeons and Dragons each group needs 4-6 players. Players act as adventurers who are presented with a job to protect the historical and magical items in the realm (think Indiana Jones). D&D encourages critical thinking, creativity, cooperation, and teamwork. It is the player’s job to think of ways to meet their objective that also align with their personal goals.

 Once players have decided on a course of action they must roll dice to determine their success. D&D also promotes probability and basic math skills. Modifiers are applied to dice rolls based on the specific character or items they might own. Students are responsible for keeping track of these and applying them to their dice rolls. This is important to gauge the probability of success because failure can mean losing the objective, injury, or even a character’s death. It is the Game Master’s (GM) responsibility to make any counter rolls against the players and act as a puppeteer for the bad guys and the plot. 

 Members of the club are expected to actively participate, and to respect the game masters in charge.

Please fill out the application below and return this whole packet to Ms. Crandall (room 1303).