Mrs.Wilber's weekly schedule 
10:00-11:30 instruction
2:30-3:30 CTE meeting

Every Monday a new activity will be posted for the student to complete.
(Updated 6/7 at end of schedule) 
12:00-1:00 IEP meeting

1:30-2:00 8th grade office hours
2:00-2:30 7th grade office hours
2:30-3:00 6th grade office hours
(see email labeled FACS office hours/classroom instruction for meeting ID and password. Email if you need it again) 


9:00-9:30 IEP meeting

10:00-12:00 8th grade awards drive thru


Activity for 6/8-6/12
Favorite Memory
As this year comes to a close please share a favorite memory of FACS class or anytime with Mrs. Wilber. Have a HAPPY SUMMER and see you all again soon!

Activity for 6/1-6/5
Food Fun 
As every student knows Mrs. Wilber's favorite Youtube videos are "kitchen fails" So this week you are too....

Watch any cooking show and write a one paragraph summary about the episode. Include what food was made, any safety and sanitation errors made, and the cooking method(s) used. 

Use this doc to create your summary. Email the document to me  


Activity for 5/25-5/29
Helping Hands

Hand wash your family's dishes and take a picture or video.   Send video or picture to my email.


Activities for 5/18-5/22
Service to others
Random act of kindness. Do something nice for someone. This cannot be recorded, after write me an email to let me know what you did. 

On Tuesday during office hours I will be demoing how to make a Brownie in a mug. Click here,(Brownie in a mug) for the recipe. 

Activities for 5/11-5/15 

See if you know the pieces of kitchen equipment we use in the labs by playing this Quizizz game.  

You do not have to make a google account and this is just for fun so do not worry about sending the score. Learn something new!  


Directions for sock mask!
Click here for directions to how to create a sock mash using a sock with  no match! 
Watch this tutorial on how to make a sock mask! 
Don't forget to bring a sock to office hours so I can show you first hand!

Activity for 5/4-5/8
Let's do some Spring Cleaning! 
Kitchen Sanitation 
Choose a kitchen cabinet at home to organize. Take everything out of the cabinet and clean the insideAfter it is clean, organize the cabinet.Take a picture of the organized cabinet and send the picture to my email. CTE

Activity for week of 4/27-5/1
Food Safety Review 

Watch any cooking show and write a one paragraph summary about the episode. Include what food was made, any safety and sanitation errors made, and the cooking method(s) used. 

Use this doc to create your summary. Email the document to me  


Activity for week of 4/20-4/24
Food Safety Review 

Go to the following website: and enter in a song and artist. This will provide you with a hand washing poster. Using the poster, create a TikTok video or short 20 second video about hand washing using the song lyrics.


Save the video and send it to me.  Name video your last name. 



Activity for week of 4/13-4/17 

Click on link to view: 

Distance Learning Grid

March 25, 2020 update

In this link you will find a learning grid that will be used for reinforcement/review of skills that we have been learning on the NutritionSide. Please take a look and complete at your own pace. Please email me with any questions. 

Distance Learning Grid

March 23, 2020 Update
Here are some helpful websites that you can visit to stay up to date on our FACS knowledge. 
NSTEENS.ORG (Internet Safety)
FIGHTBAC.GOV(Safety and Sanitation

Below is a link of each of the grade levels competency list with competencies completed highlighted/bold. Click grade level (red) to see.
6th gradePersonal Development
7th grade Life Management Skills
8th grade Life and Career Planning 

During this time of uncertainties, I would like to extend my well wishes that everyone stays well and safe. At this time I have no assignments for students to complete. If assignments are posted, since this is a life skills class most assignments will only need a device that can email and take pictures. Thank you for your patience as we navigate this uncharted territory. I know that our BRMS family will come back stronger then ever from this. 
Mrs. Wilber 

Welcome to Mrs. Wilber's classroom 2019-2020. 
My name is Rachel Wilber and this is my fourth year here at BRMS. I have two children, Connor in 8th grade and Quinn in 4th. We also have two dogs names Sadie and Ruby! I am so excited to have you in class this year. 

Welcome to FACS Class! 
FACS class is composed of two areas.

Students will also spend 4 1/2 weeks In the Life Skills classroom.  Students will be learning "life skills" to build confidence and independence. Students will learn how to use the management process, problem solving, and teamwork to be a better student and family member. Other topics include safety at home and on the Internet, diversity and conservation.

The Food and Nutrition portion is always a favorite of BRMS students! During this time there will be opportunities to prepare recipes and put their knowledge to work. Students will learn life skills on nutrition and wellness.We are the new owners of a cart of laptop computers this year which we will be using in our foods and nutrition class.  Students will spend 41/2  weeks in the foods portion of the class.

A variety of techniques will be utilized including hands on labs, learning logs, quizzes and computer skills. 
Please see the files below specific to each grade level for more information on class rules and responsibilities, syllabus, and class supply lists.

In Family and Consumer Science, we like to say that we teach students to pass the big test-the test of life!

Contact me at: Rachel Wilber

6th grade objectives:
7th grade objectives:
8th grade objectives:
Careers Objectives