What is Art Club?

Art Club is a place where you will explore a variety of art techniques and media such as painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, collage, and textiles, just to name a few possibilities. Students are active participants in deciding what kind of art we will do in Art Club.

-How to Join Art Club-

If you are interested in joining Art Club please fill out the form below by clicking on the Art Club Permission Form Link Below

Art Club Permission Form Link 

* NOTE - Art Club is limited to 30 students. 
Any Art Club Permission Forms received after the first 30 will be put on a Wait List


Students are expected to follow Bull Run's Behavior Policy while in Art Club. They are also expected to clean up after themselves and use the art materials properly.  If anyone misses two Art Clubs in a row, without letting me know why, it will be assumed that they are no longer interested in participating in Art Club and their space will be filled by the next person on the Wait List.

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Art Contests

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Tonal Drawing
Types of drawing pencils and lessons

Interactive Art

Many fun interactive art activities

National Gallery of Art
I Love This Website! A lot of fun interactive online art activities

Smithsonian Kids
More fun interactive art activities to explore and create with.


Needlepointers stitchery guide
Go to see what the stiches look like

Explore the Smithsonian Institute
Tons of fun activities as you journey through art at the Smithsonian! How to Coil a Basket
This is a great step by step guide for making your baskets.

Perspective Fun
One, two and three point perspective two point perspective city background
Good practice and step by step instruction