Update June 08, 2020
The last week of school. Please be sure to check your email for a zoom invite for our last office hours. I am hoping that you will join me.

Mrs. Thaller's Weekly Schedule

Monday's  10:00-11:30 Instruction
Each Monday an activity will be posted for completion by the student.
Tuesday's (Office Hours as listed below) Office hours will include a zoom meeting with each respective grade level. Email will be sent with link and password. 1:30-2:00 6th grade office hours
2:00-2:30 7th grade office hours
2:30-3:00 8th grade office hours
Activity for the week June 8- June 12 
Since this is the last week of school please just send me an email with the favorite thing you learned in FACS class. Additionally, review the recipe for Mug Cinnamon Rolls on recipe links. We will be conducting a demo lab on Tuesday. Be sure to look for the updated zoom meeting link.

Activity for the week June 1- June 5

View this Bill Nye video over nutrition.

In an office 365 word document tell me your thoughts on the video. Name the document your name and Bill Nye and share with me.



Activity for the week May 26- May 29

Go to the following website: www.washyourlyrics.com and enter in a song and artist. This will provide you with a hand washing poster. Using the poster, create a TikTok video about hand washing using the song lyrics.

Save the video and send it to me in an email.


Activity for the week May 18- May 22

Create a recipe book of your favorite recipes that you make at home and at school. You can use the recipe's from my class page to help you out!   

This can be digital or on paper.

Digital copies should be shared through office 365, taking pictures will work as well just send a copy of your finished work to my email. Bonus submit pictures of you working on the recipes as well I would love to see some of your hard work!


Activity for the week May 11- May 15

Keeping healthy while we are all at home gets difficult, use the video series to reinforce what you know about nutrition and eating for good health. Google 3 TedEd videos to watch from the, You Are What You Eat series. Fill out the doc while you are watching the videos.  CTE

Additionally, I  have updated the useful links to include the sock mask. Be sure to click on Sock Mask Link to review or print out. Please ask before you cut up the family socks. Once you have created your mask please send me a picture by email!

Activity for the week May 4- May 9

Just a friendly reminder that at the end of the week is Mother's Day, with that in mind I thought it would be nice to work on an assignment that would be beneficial for your mom or other favorite family member. For this assignment it can be either a meal or a favorite recipe that she might like, something you have done before will work as well. Decide early so that during our meeting times you can ask me any questions you might have on cooking the recipe. Additionally feel free to use any of our class recipes on my teacher link.

Prepare a homemade meal or a favorite recipe for your mother.  Try to avoid using packaged ingredients.  Fill out this home cooking form .  Email the form when finished.


Activity for the week of April 27-May 1.
Kitchen Safety Review
Since many of you are helping more at home I thought it would be good to review kitchen safety. Please review the video and provide short feedback on the mistakes that were made by the cooks.
Watch this short
fightbac video and play a Food safety game.

In a word document using office365 summarize the video.


Activity for the week of 4/20-4/24
This week Earth Day is 4/22 with that in mind I have selected the following activity:

Refrigerator/Recycle Clean Out:

Go through your refrigerator check for expiration dates and throw away anything that is out of date. Be sure to remove the contents of any recyclable containers and discard them appropriately as needed. (Check with family before you throw away stuff!)

In this doc, make a list of things you threw away, recycled and why. Email doc.


Activity for week of 4/13-4/17
Please use the following grid to apply skills learned for enrichment and review.

Distance Learning Grid

March 25, 2020 Update

Hello Parents and Students,
I hope this day finds you healthy and doing well inspite of the most recent changes that we are experiencing. I wanted to let you know that I miss being in the classroom and wanted to provide you with some resources to use in the absence of our time together. The grid below is information posted  for enrichment experiences that you can complete at home within the life skills curriculum. These are not graded assignments just activities to encourage and reinforce your FACS proficiencies. Please look at the review skills outlined and complete at your own pace. 

Distance Learning Grid

Additionally, some helpful websites for enrichment content can be visited below. Use these to practice on the progress you have made to date in FACS class and with your current skillset or knowledge.

NSTEENS.ORG (Internet Safety)

These sites review the information that we have covered and reinforce the essential concepts of the FACS curriculum. 

The following links provide information on the curriculum competencies we strive to achieve in FACS class. The information is provided by grade, within the document the competencies that we have acheived to date are highlighted in green.