Phythian, Matthew  Principal  [email protected]
Vega, Lisa Assistant Principal [email protected]
Coats, Moneka Assistant Principal [email protected]
Brittany Bauccio, Teacher on Special Assignment  [email protected]

Grade 8
Arredondo, Jamie Foreign Language [email protected]
Bjork, Elizabeth Language Arts [email protected]
DeFusco, Veronique Foreign Language [email protected]
Freeze, Marina Social Studies  [email protected]
Harper, Amy Math [email protected]

Horning, Kristen Science [email protected]
Irizarry, Marissa Math  [email protected]
Knight, Robert  Social Studies [email protected]  
Kruckenberg, Whitney Language Arts  [email protected]
Lazer, Preston Language Arts [email protected] 
Longo, Karola Foreign Language [email protected]
Pimsaen, Ott  Math [email protected]       
Racer, Tammy Math [email protected]
Smith, Ashley Math  [email protected]
Zalaskus, Kelly Science  [email protected]

Grade 7
Bailey, Marcia  Science [email protected]
Bonfadini, Mike  Math [email protected]
Bursley, Elisabeth Science  [email protected]
Cottrell, Sharon  Math/Science [email protected]
Hooper, Craig  Social Studies [email protected]
Jellison, Heather Math  [email protected]
Kemp, Christine  Language Arts [email protected]
Price, Kimberly  Social Studies [email protected]
Saxon, Kristi Language Arts [email protected]
Stone, Kathryn  Science [email protected]
Terwilliger, Theresa  Math [email protected]
Watkins, Jessica  Language Arts [email protected]  
Wilner, Debbie  Social Studies [email protected]

Grade 6
Bonini, Jessica Social Studies  [email protected]
Burchell, Jennifer  Language Arts [email protected]
Ellis, Jennifer  Math [email protected]
Johnson, Pamela  Math [email protected]
Leatham, Angela  Social Studies  [email protected]
Morrissette, Crystal [email protected]
Rich, Marie Science  [email protected]
Romano, Marc Science [email protected]
Toothman, Miatta Language Arts [email protected]
Williams, Linda  Social Studies [email protected]

Health & PE
Denne, Mark  Athletic Director [email protected]
Dutrow, Alison [email protected]
Muster, Lawrence  [email protected]

Wetherbee, Amy  HPE [email protected]

Brodt, Alicia  Chorus [email protected]
Haupt, Connor Band [email protected]
Lydick, Leslie  Strings [email protected]
Spriggs, Danielle  Chorus [email protected]

Related Arts
Arnett, Mark  Tech Ed [email protected]
Carter, Cynthia Business Information Technology  [email protected]
Knouse, Stacie  Art [email protected]
Kroll, Casey Business Information Technology [email protected]
Oppenheimer, David  Tech Ed [email protected]
Sample, Lynette Art [email protected]
Thaller, Kathleen [email protected]

Wilber, Rachel FACS [email protected]


Blevins, Rebbecca   [email protected]
Cruz Enriquez, Melissa  [email protected]
Sanchez, Yazmin [email protected]
Stephenson, Christine  [email protected]

Custodial Staff 
Monroy, Claudia  Manager [email protected]
Alban, Luz 
Ibnoujala, Maria
Lopez, Griselda
Saunders, Soma

 Cafeteria Staff
Nash, Becky  Manager [email protected]
Barrera, Ana
Lismendeosa, Alpha

Resident Security
Butler, Richard

Special Education
Ashe, Laurie [email protected]
Blair, Lisa  [email protected]
Branscome, Chrystal [email protected]
Christopher, Patti [email protected]
Concepcion, Rochelle [email protected]
De Monico, Ligia [email protected]
Gerhand, Stefanie  [email protected]
Hermanson, Kimberley [email protected]
Johnson, Mary  [email protected]
Kendall. Lenore [email protected]

Kosmaczewski, Marialyce 
[email protected] 
Kramer, Julienne  [email protected]
Longo, Karola [email protected] 
Miller, Irene  [email protected] 
Roadarmel, Kathy [email protected]
Saravanapavan, Vasu [email protected]
Sizemore, Taylor [email protected]
Stem, Shannon [email protected] 


Brown, Jennifer Gifted Education [email protected]
Beall, Kristi  Librarian  [email protected]
Elam, Netia  Instructional Technologist [email protected]
Lang, Katherine Librarian [email protected]
Lazer, Christy  Reading Specialist [email protected]
Min, Katie Gifted Education [email protected]

School Counselors
Brooks, Susan  6-8th gr (S-Z) School Counselor  [email protected]
Shelton, Amy  Director of Counseling     [email protected]
Staines, Rebecca 7th grade (A-R) School Counselor  [email protected]
Thomas, Pamela 8th grade (A-R)School Counselor  [email protected]
Ware, Lisa 6th grade (A-R) School Counselor [email protected]

School Psychologist
Tiffany Paik, School Psychologist  [email protected]
Social Worker
Tracey D'Amico [email protected]

Autism Itinerant
Powers, Valerie [email protected]

Speech & Language Pathologist
Deck, Megan  [email protected]

School Nurse
Amado, Ellen  [email protected]

Network Specialist
Persica, Tony [email protected]

Safety and Security
Ingram, Amos [email protected]

School Resource Officer
Ofc. William Keifer

Allue, Tammy  Executive Secretary [email protected]
Bowman, Doreen  Financial Specialist II [email protected] 
Coelho, Karitta  Counseling Secretary II [email protected] 
Penny, Melissa Secretary II [email protected]
Trent, Theresa Secretary I [email protected]
White, Angel Library Media Specialist  [email protected]