Congratulations to our new Eagle Cheerleaders!

2021-22 Sideline Cheers
*We're Here (XX) to Beat the _____
*Y E L L, Everybody Yell, Go Bull Run
*D D D Defense/Go, Go, Go Offense
*Go Eagles Go (XXX)
*Blow You Away
*W I N, Fight to Win
*Here We Go Eagles, Here We Go
*Green, Gold and White, Eagles Let's Fight
*Basket, Basket, We Want an Eagle Basket
*Two More, Eagles Raise that Score
*Hey Eagles, Let's Go
*T O U G H, Get Tough, Really Tough
*Eagles, Yell It, BRMS
*D E F E N S E, Go Defense, Go
*F-FI-FIGHT, Fight
*T A K E, Take That Ball Away
*G O, Let's Go Eagles, G O, Let's Go
*Move It Down the Court, Shoot Two (XXX)
*Basket, Eagles Shoot Two (XXX)
*1, 2, 3 & 4, Eagles, Let's Score
*Eagles Need a Basket, Hey, Move that Ball
*Swish That Ball, Put it Through for Two
*Dribble it, Pass it
*Dribble Dribble
*BAS KET, Eagle Basket
*Take it to the Hoop, We Want Two

Check out Maryland Twisters VA, Virginia Royalty, Phoenix Elite, Stingray All Stars Manassas, GMS or BRAG for cheer tumbling classes.

Contact Coach Z if you have any questions