Bull Run Middle School Guitar Club

Mr. Lazer, sponsor (Room 1210).
electric guitar decorative image

No experience?  That's OK.  We will teach you!

Lots of experience?  That's good, too.  You can work on advanced skills.

The guitar club exists:

-To provide a forum for students to develop guitar skills, share songwriting ideas, and share performances of guitar-based music.

-To support the development of guitarists ranging from beginners to more advanced players.

2021-2022 will be the first year for the club, so this is a great opportunity to help shape what the club is like.  We will hold our first meeting during the second week of school (date and time T.B.A.), and we will elect leaders at our 3rd meeting (also T.B.A.).  

You can participate with any acoustic or electric guitar.  I will have a couple guitars for students who do not own guitars, but if you have one, please bring it to meetings.  Amplifiers will need to be kept to a volume similar to that of an unamplified acoustic guitar.

Activities will be tailored to interests and the experience level of players we have, but I hope to be able to arrange some public performances, if possible. 

Look for an informational meeting to be scheduled at the beginning of the school year!