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What are the Meal Prices?

The price for a lunch meal is $2.75. We also serve breakfast for $1.60.

How do I Pay for a Meal?

  • Personal check: Please note on the bottom of your check how you wish the money to be disbursed (Lunch Only or Cash Account) along with your child's FIRST and LAST name and their student identification number if you have available. All money received will automatically be placed in a cash account unless you instruct to do otherwise. We welcome your checks. However, if your check is returned for insufficient funds, we will electronically present it to your bank for the face value plus a $40 processing fee and any protest or bad check return fee charged by your financial institution. This action will be taken without further notice. All other returned checks referred for collection are subject to a $40 processing fee, any protest or bad check return fee charged by your financial institution and all other charges, interest and attorneys fees allowed by law.
  • Credit card: If you would like to pay by credit card you can set up an account at To complete the set up you will need your students ID number. Parents can fund the account with cash or check if needed. Students attending Prince William County Public Schools next year will have their cafeteria balances carried forward to next school year.
  • Cash: You may come in to the school and pay for your student or your student can pay during lunch time.

What's on the Menu?

To access the daily breakfast/lunch menus and to read about other food nutrition services, please visit the PWCS Food Services website.

Please note: If you set up a Lunch Only account this only lets the student purchase one complete meal per day. A complete meal consists of Meat/Meat Alt., Grain, 1 cup Vegetables, 1 cup fruit, Milk. Please inform your child so he/she knows what can be purchased on their account. A Cash account allows your child to use the money to purchase any item.

If your student had a lunch account at another PWCS school, the balance from their account will be automatically transferred to their account at Bull Run.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact:

Amy Park
Bull Run Middle School
Cafeteria Manager
571-598-3510 (6:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.) or