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Ms. Amado, RN, BSN - Full-time School Nurse at Bull Run Middle School

The goal of the school health program is to support student learning in a safe, healthy environment.

You can help ensure the health and safety of all BRMS students by:

  • Notifying your school nurse of any health concerns or chronic health condition that may affect your child's school day.
  • Following PWCS regulations when requesting medication to be given to your child during the school day.
  • Providing current emergency contact information for your student, keeping the emergency card updated at all times.
  • Notifying school personnel if your child is absent due to a contagious illness.
  • Keeping sick students at home (see Reg. 757-1) and supporting school staff in keeping well children in school.
  • Notifying PE teachers directly if your child has any PE restrictions.
  • Encouraging good hygiene/hand washing practices at home and school

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REMINDER- Medication cannot be administered to any student without appropriate forms complete and on file. Any medication must be be provided in a new, sealed container with the completed authorization form. Students may NOT transport medication to and from school. Any medication not meeting the PWCS regulations will not be administered to your student. Forms can be accessed via this fusion page, the PWCS webpage or in the school office.
Thank you for your compliance with this important regulation!


Hand Hygeine

Frequent hand washing is encouraged at school and we recommend that any open wounds be clean, dry and covered at school. Waterless hand sanitizer is available in the cafeteria for student use. Parents are welcome to send handwipes or gel for their own student or donate some for classroom use.

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Healthy Eating and Exercise

Website Resource Links

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S.C.R.A.T.C.H. (PDF) - Information for parents about head lice from the National Association of School Nurses
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