Guitar Club - Mr. Lazer

Bull Run Middle School Guitar Club
Mr. Lazer, sponsor (Room 1210).
[email protected]

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Do you want to join?

See Mr. Lazer in room 1210 (that is also where guitar club meets) with questions or to return your signed permission form and emergency card. You can also email Mr. Lazer with questions at [email protected]


The guitar club exists:

-To provide a forum for students to develop guitar skills, share songwriting ideas, and share performances of guitar-based music.

-To support the development of guitarists ranging from beginners to more advanced players.

You can participate with any acoustic or electric guitar.  Amplifiers will need to be kept to a volume similar to that of an unamplified acoustic guitar.  You may choose to leave your instrument with Mr. Lazer in room 1210 the morning of each club meeting or arrange to leave it with another teacher.  

Students and Parents must review ALL of the following documents and return the Emergency Card and After-School Permission Form with parent/guardian signatures BEFORE attending meetings:

Parent Letter (Please Read, but no need to sign or return)

Emergency Card (Please print and return this signed)

After-School Permission Form (Please print and return this signed)